Amphibious Assault SUP Races Challenge the Best


2013 Elite Amphibious Assault SUP Races in Action



Chuck Patterson - Creator of the Amphibious Assault Races


Amphibious Assault Vehicle


The Ropes at Water Warrior in the Amphibious Assault SUP Races 2013


Annabel Anderson - Elite Female winner of the Amphibious Assault SUP Races 2013


Connor Baxter - Elite Male winner of the Amphibious Assault SUP Races 2013


Amphibious Assault racers on the run


Amphibious Assault Racers climbing the ropes


Amphibious Assault Racers going down the slide


The finish line


Amphibious Assault Racers with event creator Chuck Patterson and the US Marines

CAMP PENDLETON, California - Why do the words 'Amphibious Assault' and the name 'Chuck Patterson' just make sense together? ·The answer lies in knowing a little about both and how when combined, resulted in some unique Stand Up Paddleboard races at the Water Warrior Festival which just took place this past weekend at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Southern California.


According to Marines.com, an Amphibious Assault Vehicle is also known as an AAV-7.  The website states that, "...no equipment better defines the distinction and purpose of Marine Corps expeditionary capabilities than the AAV-7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Designed to assault any shoreline from the well decks of Navy assault ships, AAVs are highly mobile, tracked armored amphibious vehicles that transport Marines and cargo to and through hostile territory."


Just like an Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Elite Stand Up Paddler and all around master of many sport disciplines, Chuck Patterson is also the definition of distinction and purpose. This 6'2", 220 pound professional six sport athlete has always had a spirit of pushing the limits and testing what humans can physically endure.  It's this passion which led him to organizing and creating the Amphibious Assault SUP races as another test for the body and mind.


The Water Warrior Festival is where Chuck put his idea into action.  While the event incorporated a surf expression session, outrigger canoe and surfski race, open water swim, a 3K beach run, a "fun zone" and other stand up paddle races, the feature event was called the Amphibious Assault course.  This was a stand up paddle race course that combined SUP with climbing ropes, crawling through the sand and other obstacles which created a military-style boot camp race.  


The overall scene from the event was described as "completely nuts" in a positive and stoked out way.  Fortunately there were no casualties other than perhaps some egos and it seems that just the right amount of success without mastery left several people satisfied yet humbled and looking forward to facing the challenge again sometime.


Congratulations to Chuck, and the entire crew who made the Water Warrior Festival not only possible but also a success. 


Amphibious Assault Elite SUP Race Results:


  • 1st: Connor Baxter
  • 2nd: Zane Schweitzer
  • 3rd: Toby Cracknell
  • 4th: Matt Becker
  • 5th: Riggs Napoleon
  • 6th: Noa Ginella
  • 7th: Kody Kerbox
  • 8th: Sean Poynter
  • 9th: Shawn Fejerang
  • 10th: Christopher Parker


  • 1st: Annabel Anderson
  • 2nd: Lucy Bell


Click here to see the Water Warrior Festival 2013 Results.


Updated 11:00 am PST - Q&A with Chuck Patterson added below with additional photos and great insight about the Water Warrior event!


1. What was the vision behind the Water Warrior event and how long hasit been in the planning stages?

"This event was 12 months in the making with a collaborated effort and vision by Roch Frye & Paul Huddel of Multisports.com, Matt Freidman and myself. Our vision behind The Water Warrior was to create an event that combined a lifeguard style competition with a creative challenging endurance twist. With endurance racing and SUP on the rise; we designed a military style sand obstacle course where every competitor racing had to complete before finishing each race. (From sand hills to sand crawls and cargo net climbs as well as climbing a 25ft inflatable slide in the water; we had it all.)·"


2. The event incorporated a surf expression session, outrigger canoeand surf ski and Stand up paddle 5k & 10k race, an open water 1 mile, half mile swim,a 3K beach run and an Open and Elite Endurance SUP race. ·How long did it take to prepare the courses and set the stage?

"The location is everything and having the event at DMJ's on Camp Pendleton made all the difference in the world because we had the use of the harbor for the flat water sprint and long distance course as well as the surf side for the open water swim and the surf sprint race and then a huge open beach for the 3k run and the Military style sand Obstacle course. We had great support and help from the marines and put the whole thing together in 2 shorty days."


3. The feature event was called the Amphibious Assault course. ·It wasa stand up paddle surf sprint race finished into a 100 yard sand obstacle coursemade up of hill climbs, sand crawls, running and cargo net climb to create a military-style boot camp race. ·What was the overall reaction to this type of challenge?

"I think everyone was really stoked and excited to try it out and see how they would finish. no matter how hard it seemed to be while racing thru it; everyone had a huge smile as they crossed the finish line and I think it really got people fired up to train for it for next year. It made you feel like a kid again, running and diving thru the sand along side your friends…."


4. The overall scene has been described as "completely nuts" in apositive / stoked kind of way.·Do you agree and what are your thoughtsnow that the first inaugural event has come and gone?

"This being the first year; we really got a great chance to put our vision to work and see how the general public and professional athletes put it thru its paces. This was one of the best organized events I have been to in a very long time. We made it our top priority to make it as easy and comfortable for all competitors so that they could compete at the highest level possible without having to worry about anything except having fun & racing.I feel this was a huge success; having the worlds best SUP racing athletes and triathletes as well as the general avid athlete that just wanted to try something new and fun. You can make sure of it that next years event will be 10 times bigger and one not to miss."


5. Was there a specific motive or cause behind the Water Warrior event?

"We felt that racing needed something different with more excitement that really pushed the racers to another level and beyond, all while having fun doing it."


6. Can we expect more Water Warrior events in the future?

"Yes, we have secured a 5 year contract with Camp Pendleton and the USMC, to make this a huge 2 day event every year."


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