3 Benefits of SUP Yoga

Yoga instructor Ji hwang at Charleston Paddler on amazing Shem Creek

DENVER, Colorado - Contrary to popular opinion, SUP Yoga is not just a fun activity for bikini-clad beauties or men with pony tails and henna tattoos. It's actually one of the best workouts you can do and super beneficial for everybody - irrespective of sex, build, age and ability. Supconnect community assistant, Alex Mauer, has been delving into this ancient Eastern practice as a way to improve his chances of breaking the world record for longest time surfing a wave. This week we checked in with him to find out how he's finding SUP Yoga useful.

Words by Alex Mauer

I have been practicing yoga a lot lately, normally before or after a training session or a river surf. I never realized how much fun it is or about all the amazing benefits it offers your mind and body. I'm still not an expert by any means, but these are just a few things I have noticed from my practice.




SUP Yoga in Barcelona during an Adventure Yoga Retreat | Photo: Raphaella Rose

The first improvement I started to notice was that my flexibility has increased. I've really started to focus on my breathing (one of the core elements of yoga in general); with each breath I could sink deeper into each pose. When I started, it was like I was meditating. Once you begin to the ujjayi breath it almost puts you into a meditative state while you practice. This strengthens your mind and soul - living a healthy and happy life. 

If you're a first timer to yoga, you might not be able to do a certain pose very well - maybe you're just getting the basic foot or hand placements right as a start. But if you focus on your breath and allow yourself some time to naturally 'flex' it'll come with time, patience and focussed breathing.


Increased Circulation


Julia Parti | Enjoying the sunset at Lake Balaton, Hungary

One of the reasons I started to practice yoga is because I heard in increases your circulation. Practicing can help improve blood circulation and in return this will allow your body and muscles to absorb more nutrients, making your muscles and organs more healthy. This helps you perform at a higher level on the water and in life.


Improved Balance


Alex putting his training intop pratice

SUP yoga is a great way to improve balance - which is important to everyday life. It is also a critical part of being on the water. My world record attempt is just around the corner and surfing one wave for over 4 hours is going to be nothing short of a balance challenge. I need all the help I can get!

I will continue my practice and am looking forward to becoming more and more comfortable with new poses. I am also stoked to start feeling the thousands of other benefits practicing will start to bring into my life!


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