6 Amazing Urban SUP Destinations

AUSTIN, Texas - SUP is an incredible way to enjoy the oceans and waves of the world. But what if you find yourself land locked in a concrete jungle?  Thankfully, Stand Up Paddling has wound it’s way into the fabric of cities big and small around the globe. Here are seven incredible urban SUP destinations that will satisfy even the most demanding paddler.

The KUZI Project Launches On EpicTV

 PEMBA, Mozambique - In July this year, Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took on a monumental, self-supported journey, up the East coast of Africa on SUP's and kiteboards. check out the trailer to their documentary, soon to be released on EpicTV.

3 Reasons To Travel With An Inflatable SUP

SAN DIEGO, California - One of the greatest things about being part of a sport/lifestyle like Stand Up Paddling is being able to do it anywhere. Not just around your home town or even other parts of your country, but anywhere around the world - provided there is water. Paddling in other parts of the world allows you to experience a new place in a familiar way, adding a new dynamic to any trip. One of the biggest drawbacks to traveling is the criminal charge that most airplanes place on taking a board. This is why inflatable boards come are so handy. To help us better understand the process of traveling with an inflatable board and what the pro's are, we've broken down five easy points to consider.

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The Supconnect Weekly Recap, 11-19-2013

SAN DIEGO, California - Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Heat, our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications.

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Kelskids - Making A Difference With SUP

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia - Last week we reported a story about three paddle boards that were stolen from KelsKids, a nonprofit organization that provides paddle boarding, swimming and aquatic safety programs for children who have diagnosed disabilities. To find out more about KelsKids and how it uses paddle boarding to make a difference, we spoke to the owner and founder, Kellie Maier.

Naish’s Kai Lenny and Kody Kerbox Leading The Waterman League

OAHU, Hawaii - As we come to the close of an incredible season for both the World Tour & Series, the Waterman League has decided to create an Overall World Ranking to compliment the individual Surf & Race World Titles and crown an Overall World Champion.

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9 Year Old's First Downwind Run

CAPE TOWN, South Africa - We stumbled across this awesome video of year old Cape Tonion, Cameron Tripney, on his first downwind run from Milerton to Big Bay.

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