2014 Standup World Series Champions Crowned

A massive swell on hand made for difficult conditions.

TURTLE BAY, Hawaii - At the last stop of the Standup World Series events, mother nature once again ruled the weekend and left competitors wondering how the races and World Titles would unfold.

Newly crowned World Champ, Connor Baxter, was one of the favorites coming into this event, however, some questioned whether he would even compete since he had already clinched the world title for the year. Another favorite, if not the favorite, coming to this event at Turtle Bay was none other than Kai Lenny who was hot off his win at the ever dramatic, BOP.

The Distance Races on Saturday were definitely the challenge for all athletes who competed. With maxing out, double-overhead waves pushing themselves through Turtle Bay, the start for these races was extremely challenging for the competitors. The size and force of the waves here made the swell at Salt Creek during the BOP seem like tiny ripples. The Men’s race got of to a quick start and the Hawaiians led the charge for the majority of the race. It was no shocker when Kai Lenny came across the finish line in first place ahead of fellow Naish teammate Riggs Napolean and Mo Freitas who came in a close third.

The Women’s Distance Race was grueling and the women started right in the middle of a set causing current World Series ratings leader, Lina Augaitis (SIC MAUI), to struggle in the race. Angela Jackson, who was just a few points behind Lina was on fire and hungry to gain a points lead over Lina, which would secure Angela the World Title win. Angela led almost the entire distance race until they ran into a strong upwind in which Angela admits is her weakness. Due to these strong winds, young gun Fiona Wylde (Werner Paddles), who was hot on Angela’s heels, powered through and came out with the win over Angela and SIC Maui's Sonni Honscheid.

With Lina Augaitis coming in 6th place in the Distance Race, Angela Jackson pretty much had the World Title win under her belt as long as she finished ahead of Lina, leaving Lina needing nothing short of a miracle. As it turns out, luck was definitely on Lina’s side this weekend because the second the sprints race started for the ladies, the largest set of the day came in and pummeled Angela Jackson so hard to the point where her leash plug was ripped straight out of her board sending her board all the way into the beach. This left Angela forced to swim to shore to retrieve it, guaranteeing her last place in the sprints. It was local girl Halie Harrison who took the win ahead of Lina Augaitis and Ke’ale Dorries, helping hand her the overall event win at Turtle Bay. With Lina coming in second in the sprints, she was able to hold on to her ratings lead over Angela Jackson clinching her the 2014 Standup World Series World Title.

In the Men’s Sprint Race, it was an injured Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) who took the win, overcoming his painful ankle injury and just barely edging out Kai Lenny in the end. It was a hard fought battle between the two for most of the race and to see an injured Schweitzer come out with the victory was a pretty exciting ending.

Congrats to all of the athletes who competed over the weekend in the less than ideal racing conditions. Also, a huge congrats goes to Halie Harrison and Kai Lenny for coming in first place overall and Zane and Fiona for their wins in the sprints and distance race as well. And obviously, a massive congratulations goes out to the 2014 Standup World Series World Champions, Connor Baxter and Lina Augaitis.

Check out the results list below:

RESULTS: 2014 Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle Bay

1st: Kai Lenny
2nd: Mo Freitas
3rd: Jake Jensen
4th: Casper Steinfath
5th: Riggs Napoleon
6th: Zane Schweitzer
7th: Eric Terrien
8th: Arthur Daniel
9th: Titouan Puyo
10th: Dylan Frick


1st: Halie Harrison
2nd: Fiona Wylde
3nd: Sonni Hönscheid
4th: Lina Augaitis
5th: Angela Jackson

1st: Kai Lenny
2nd: Riggs Napoleon
3rd: Mo Freitas
4th: Jake Jensen
5th: Titouan Puyo
6th: Casper Steinfath 
7th: Eric Terrien
8th: Arthur Arutkin
9th: Robert Territehau
10th: Kaeo Abbey
11th: Paul Jackson
12th: Noa Ginella
13th: Dylan Frick
14th: Zane Schweitzer

1st: Fiona Wylde
2nd: Angie Jackson
3rd: Sonni Honscheid
4th: Halie Harrison
5th: Talia Decoite
6th: Lina Augaitis
7th: Lara Claydon
8th: Noelani Sach

1. Zane Schweitzer
2. Kai Lenny
3. Mo Freitas

1st: Halie Harrison
2nd: Lina Augaitis
3rd: Ke’ale Dorries


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