20 Of Our Favorite Female Pro SUP Instagrams

SIC Maui athlete Seychelle Hatting. | Photo Courtesy: SIC Maui SIC Maui athlete Seychelle Hatting. | Photo Courtesy: SIC Maui

SAN DIEGO, California - So long Facebook, hello Instagram! With Instagram being the new go-to platform for all social media-ing we no longer have to wait til the next event to see and hear what our favorite athletes have been up to. With Instagram we get to follow along with them on their adventures around the world and we want you to follow along too! Here are 20 of the best female professional paddlers worth following on Instagram:

1. Izzi Gomez


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2. Annabel Anderson

3. Fiona Wylde

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4. Olivia Piana

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5. Terrene Black

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6. Sonni Honscheid

7. Penelope Strickland

8. Candice Appleby

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9. Annie Reickert

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10. April Zilg

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11. Jade Howson

12. Shae Foudy

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13. Hannah Hill

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14. Shakira Westdorp

15. Manca Notar

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16. Nicole Pacelli

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17. Natali Zollinger

18. Iballa Moreno

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19. Lara Claydon

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20. Seychelle Hattingh

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Is your favorite SUP pro not listed here? Share their Instagram with us so we can give them a follow!

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