Paddle Boarding the Maldives

MALE, Maldives - The Maldives is a relatively low-key destination, mostly due to how remote and quiet the island nation is. The people who go there to surf, paddle and escape the daily grind regularly don't mind, though - it's an amazingly beautiful place that is probably better off without the crowds of Bali. Today we're lucky enough to be getting a quick tour and summary by South African Brad Beck, who's been staying in the Maldives for the last few weeks.


Words by Brad Beck

Maldives is exactly what you read, see and hear about - warm, clean water and the occasional downpour. It is a humid 30 degrees (86 F) every day, with the water temp at just under 28 (82F) degrees, which cools you down a little bit.


The color of the water is clearer and more glowing than the photos.


The Locals

There are many atolls located with swell on the southern side and smooth sailing on the inside of the islands. These are full of amazing resorts and local islands. The local people are what make the place paradise, I feel. They're respectful, friendly and make you smile - that’s why it is beautiful here. People make everything worth it and the rest is just perfect.


Seasons & Crowds

The surf season is their winter (May – August) and that's when there will be some crowds. Plenty of surf charter boats pull in, but the vibe in and out the water is awesome. People are here to have a good time, not to stress out about how many waves they can get or how hard they can party. It is almost like a rejuvenation of one’s soul into nature, haha.


This makes it the perfect place to take your paddle board and cruise around. From the standing up position, you can literally see through the water perfectly. Sting rays, small black tip sharks and awesome sea turtles.




The inside of the atolls serve as protection from the swell, so the inside of the islands is flat water. The wind might be a factor once in a while but you will definitely be in the right place in terms of stand up paddling. Fish are clearly seen and the water will be turquoise in the shallow areas and turn to this magical dark blue in the deep.


Waves are easily accessible and show many varieties in terms of reef, lefts and rights as well as perfect line ups. Boats will be sitting in the channel and on a SUP, one could be paddling the open channel into the perfect reef waves.


It is so easy to go out and SUP the channels, lagoons and even the open water reefs. It is truly magical. Plenty of sea life and clear water with open reefs to explore. Pop on some goggles and you are in the “Maldives”


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