Hand Placement Tips from Mo Freitas

Mo Freitas. | Photo Courtesy: Boardworks Mo Freitas. | Photo Courtesy: Boardworks

CARLSBAD, California - When paddle boarding sometimes the smallest adjustments to your form and technique can make a big difference in the long run. One major adjustment to keep in mind is the way you hold your paddle. Here, Boardworks athlete and ISA SUP Gold Medalist, Mo Freitas, walks through hand placement on your paddle and how it can help.

When paddling with a friend in Carlsbad, Freitas noticed that his friend’s arm was positioned higher than the head of the paddle. After noticing this, Freitas advises to bring your hand closer to the shaft which will in turn lower the position of your arm.

Freitas claims that this small adjustment will help you to save energy and will engage the right muscles that will take pressure off of your lower back while paddle boarding.

To watch the full tutorial, watch the video below.

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