Nosara Paddlesurf Celebrates Women With Special SUP Surf Camp

Nosara Paddlesurf, a SUP surf coaching company that offers camps in Nosara, Costa Rica, will be hosting a women-specific camp January 6-13, 2018. Throughout the year, Nosara Paddlesurf offers a variety of all-level weeklong SUP surf camps that give guests the opportunity to improve their SUP and SUP surf skills through surf-specific movement training, on-the-water coaching, theory lessons, and video feedback.

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Learn Practice Structures & Skill Acquisition In SUP Coaching

In a series of articles we will be looking at some of the key features of training other SUP paddlers. Do you call it Coaching? Teaching? Instructing? Whatever you call it you are facilitating the learning process, and Kerr (1982) defines learning as “a relatively permanent change in performance resulting from practice or past experience”. As we will see later, there is a big difference between teaching someone a technique and them retaining it, and building upon it. 

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