Plastic Tide: Clean Up Documentary

Sian Sykes from Psyched Paddleboarding explains what everyone can do to help and how making small adjustments in your every day life will make a huge difference in a massive plastic pollution problem that we're currently facing. In a short documentary called Plastic Tide: Clean Up Documentary Ms. Sykes walks us through the problem and what we can do as a water-loving community to help fight it.

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UK Woman Paddles 3 Lakes In 3 Days

After reconnecting with nature and finding a better balance in life, Sian Sykes wanted to challenge herself with a new adventure, and one that’s never been done before. Sian just recently completed the first SUP solo, unsupported mission of the UK's lakes..Sian took on three lakes, in three countries, in three days and paddled a total of 69km!

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