Hydrofoils, Drones & Zane Schweitzer

While in town for the biggest week in SUP in North America Zane Schweitzer, his brother Matty, and the entire Starboard crew gathered at Mission Bay in San Diego, California and later in Dana Point for the Pacific Paddle Games. The week was filled with hydrofoil demonstrations, SUP racing, SUP surfing, beautiful sunsets, and of course nothing but pure fun in and on the water.

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12-Year-Old Finn Spencer Rips At SUP Surfing

He may only be 12-years-old but Maui’s Finn Spencer is already shredding up a storm in the lineups around Maui. Finn just released a new edit of his recent stand up paddle (SUP) surfing adventures this summer and he’s surfing so well! He’s even picked up on the hydrofoil craze! Check out the video above and watch Finn in action.

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Fiona Wylde, Bernd Roediger & Kai Bates Score Winter Swell In Australia

After a six-week stretch of traveling for races in Asia and Europe Starboard SUP and Werner Paddles athlete Fiona Wylde decided to take a little vacation to Australia with with boyfriend and fellow professional stand up paddler Bernd Roediger (Naish) and to meet up with good friend Kai Bates (Fanatic). While there, the trio scored really fun surf and had a blast out of the water too.

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Caio Vaz Takes On Indo

Stand Up World Tour World Champion and SIC Maui athlete Caio Vaz just returned home from a mental trip to Indo where he scored perfect waves in relatively uncrowded lineups. He was able to SUP surf at some of Indo’s most playful waves including Macaronis, Lakey Peak, Periscopes and more! Check out the newly released edit from Caio in the video above.

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Watch Underground Brazilian SUP Surfer Luiz Diniz Rip

If you haven’t yet heard of Brazilian Luiz Diniz from Brazil, you’re about to. He’s an underground shredder from Brazil that SUP surfs good. Really good, in fact. He’s only been stand up paddling for a little more than a year but it appears as if he’s done it his whole life. It’s obvious he has a background in traditional surfing which is why he’s been able to transition to a SUP so well.

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Humpback Whale Almost Swallows Paddle Boarder While Feeding

The video here shows paddler Viviana Guzman and friend paddle boarding in Half Moon Bay, California, when all of a sudden a humpback whale literally pops up next to Viviana to grab a bite of food. Pretty nuts. Watch it all happen below.

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Shakira Westdorp Winter SUP Sessions In Australia

It’s no secret by now that Shakira Westdorp is one of the best female SUP surfers in the world. She’s got loads of talent and a big bag of tricks. Heck, she even makes it looks easy (which it isn’t).  With it being in the middle of winter in Australia, Shakira decided to escape the busy lineups in her hometown of northern New South Wales and head 100km’s south to find a couple uncrowded beach breaks. Check out the video from her little trip here.

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Mo Freitas Vs. El Niño

El Niño was pretty much all anyone could talk about this past winter in the surf community, and rightfully so. With all the hype surrounding how good the waves were going to be it was a relief to see that forecasters held up on their promise! Mo Freitas was one to have reaped the benefits this winter from El Niño and he just released an edit from his very busy winter on the water.

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SUP Paddler Goes On An EPIC Adventure Down The Grand Canyon

With permits hard to come by, it is a blessing to be asked to join a Grand Canyon trip, for some, a once in a lifetime opportunity. So when Danny Mongno, Werner Paddle's marketing manager, a kayaker for close to 30 years, was invited why on earth did he decide to stand up paddle it? Read more...

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Nicole Pacelli SUP Surfing The World

Nicole Pacelli is one of the top female SUP surfers in the world, even having clinched a world title on the Stand Up World Tour in 2013. Since then Nicole has been traveling the globe getting to surf some of the best waves on the planet. Nicole's last year around the world she traveled to Mexico, Hawaii and beyond SUP surfing at every stop on the way. Here is a video edit from her globe trotting.

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Spencer Brothers Experiment With SUP Foiling

With SUP Foiling getting a ton of hype right now, it’s only natural to see paddlers gravitate toward the new SUP crossover and want to dip their toes in the water and try it out. With pros like Naish's Kai Lenny and Starboard's Connor Baxter getting a ton of attention for their downwind SUP hydrofoiling adventures the groms who look up to them were eager to try the new craze as well.

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Todd Caranto Catches A Fish While SUP Surfing

Now this is something you don’t see everyday! While on a recent trip to Hawaii, SUP shaper Todd Caranto caught a bluefin trevally fish while simultaneously surfing on a Pau Hana Big EZ Angler stand up paddle board on Oahu's North Shore. After getting rolled in a wave, he recovers control to reel in the prize.

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