Surftech Announces Laird SUP Line for 2013

Surftech recently congratulated living legend Laird Hamilton on the announcement that he will be releasing a line of hand finished "Laird StandUP" boards for spring 2013.

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JAX Trailer Makes Debut on the SUP World

Are you a paddler who is tired of of transporting your SUP board on your head?  It is difficult to use the awkward handle every time you walk out to the water? If yes, the Jax Trailer can help and is ready to make a big difference.

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Raven Stand Up Paddleboard by Boardworks Surf

The new Boardworks Raven is designed for all purpose cruising, recreational racing, fishing, or just plain getting out on the water. This model is designed for speed and stability in flatter water making it the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and that deep docile river.

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Suplove Escape Stand Up Paddleboard

Don’t we all want to escape the pressure of our lives for a few hours. The Suplove Escape board is the perfect accomplice. It's a great ride from the Suplove Lifestyle stand up paddleboards collection that will take you down your favorite river or along your favorite coastline.

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Rogue SUP All Waters Stand Up Paddleboard

Rogue SUP releases the All-Water boards in nine different designs and different sizes, mixing a fiberglass and bamboo construction, giving its unique looks and strong construction.

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Boardworks Raven Wins Men's Journal Gear of the Year Award


The stand up paddle board industry had one big victory by having a stand up paddle board included in this Year's Men's Journal Best Gear of the Year List. And Boardworks, the company whose board was selected, has all the more to celebrate. See the whole list and which board was selected for that premium spot.

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Pau Hana Big EZ Stand Up Paddleboard

The Pau Hana Big EZ Stand Up Paddleboard is made to float. No matter the rider's size, this thing ain't gonna sink. Thick and buoyant, the Big EZ is made for all around conditions and mediums.

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Boardworks Joyride Stand Up Paddleboard

Boardworks has succeeded in fusing 'easy' and 'fun' into one, all-around stand up paddleboard, the Joyride. Offering three sizes to fit almost any rider, this board takes first place in a category all by itself.

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Smooth SUP Bomber Stand Up Paddleboard

A modern take on a traditional look. Looking long and lean, with a nice modern art design, the Bomber design from Smooth Stand Up Paddleboards plays to the traditional heritage of SUP and emphasizes the great shape of our boards.

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Slater Trout Stand Up Paddle Fin by FCS

FCS introduces their new stand up paddleboard fin, the Slater Trout "All Rounder". Developed in conjunction with SUP wunderkind Slater Trout, this versatile fin will take your paddling to the next level.

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