SUP Industry Readies for 6th Annual Summit

In just two weeks time, October 3-4, 2018, the SUPIA (Standup Paddle Industry Association) is set to host their 6th annual Leadership Summit addressing the most pressing issues facing our Paddlesports Industry today.

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SUP Industry Teams Up To Host SUP Intro Events

This summer, retailer, manufacturer, instructor, sales rep, coach and media members of the SUP Industry Association are teaming up to hold fun, safe, and beginner-friendly events across North America known as SUPIA SUP Days.

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SUPIA To Address Industry Issues At 5th Annual Leadership Summit

On Thursday, September 28, 2017, the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA) welcomes all businesses in the SUP industry to attend their 5th Annual Industry Edge networking event, a Leadership Summit addressing prominent issues in SUP sports today. Hosted at the Dana Point Yacht Club, the event will bring together leaders from across the industry in an effort to develop solutions to these pressing problems as well as find new strategies for success within today’s retail environment.

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SUPIA Hosting 1st Annual East Coast Summit

New this year the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA) has announced an East Coast Summit for the paddle sport industry. Similar to their summit held on the West Coast annually, the SUPIA Industry Edge is a two part Leadership Summit addressing the most pressing issues facing the Paddlesports Industry today.

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What Is The SUPIA All About?

What is the SUPIA (Stand Up Paddle Industry Association) all about? Learn more about the organization and annual conference through the 4th SUP Industry Association SUMMIT, which takes place every year in Dana Point, California.

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Biggest Week In SUP Hits North America

With the stand up paddle season winding down for North America there’s no better way than to close out the season with a bang. Over the next week or so, a few of the biggest events in stand up paddle boarding (SUP) will hit the West Coast of North America all in the span of a week. Here they are:

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SUPIA Youth SUP Days Coming This June!

It’s that time of year again! During the entire month of June, events will be held all over the US, Puerto Rico and as far as Switzerland, focused on getting young people outside and on the water enjoying the fastest growing water sport – Stand Up Paddle boarding. SUPIA Youth SUP Days are designed to get as many kids on the water as possible, with a focus on educate in skills, water safety, and environmental stewardship.

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The Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA) has recently announced the dates and opened registration for their annual 2015 SUPIA SUMMIT. SUPIA is the trade organization that handles all businesses of stand up paddle boarding.

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SUPIA’s Youth Stand Up Paddle Days are this Weekend

Be looking for neon orange & yellow hats on the water this weekend as retail, manufacturer & instructor member’s of the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association host clinics, lessons, open houses, and races for young people in locations everywhere!


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Big Milestones Reached for SUP Industry Association

On September 24 and 25, Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA) members gathered at Aliso Creek Golf Course for its first SUP-IA SUMMIT. Guest speakers, panel lead discussions and quite few drifting conversations allowed the group touch base on a range of topics from the growth and development of SUP, youth involvement, water access, government regulation, safety, and the Olympics.

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