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Paddle Board Highlights

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a high quality, sustainably sourced standup paddleboard that is designed for surfing, take a look at the Alta Madera from Surftech. This paddle board is priced at $1,425 and sits at the higher end of the mid-tier price point in terms of affordability. This board is great for performance surfing but works equally well for all around, flatwater paddling. Due to the size of the board at 9’8” x 29”, this board would be best for intermediate or advanced paddlers.

First Impressions

The Alta in Madera construction is a brand new addition to the Surftech SUP lineup and she’s a beauty. Immediately the simplicity of the design in terms of the graphics and the use of the bamboo really make this board stand out. It’s really a stunning board that can easily double as something to put on display. Something to highlight here is the new construction itself that really caught our attention. The Madera construction here is sustainably sourced which is a great feature in of itself and shows the care and consideration that Surftech as a brand has when designing boards. Love it. When it comes to add on’s the Alta doesn’t feature a lot of bells and whistles which can be viewed as something positive or negative depending on what you’re looking for in a board. If you’re looking for a performance surf SUP, add on’s like d rings, holders, bungees and more aren’t something that typically make the board perform better so in this sense, it’s a plus. But, if you’re looking for a board that has more to it than a good construction and shape then you might want to check something else out. In our minds, the lack of add on’s here is not a negative point and it speaks to the quality of the board itself. They really focused on the design and construction here as you can tell in its appearance. The diamond tail feature in the design helps the board feel shorter than it actually is, which is a nice feature to have in a performance surf SUP. The fin setup is also a pretty versatile one which is really nice to have, not just for surfing purposes but for when you’re flatwater paddling as well. With the 4+1 fin setup you’re options are really versatile and you’re able to tailor the performance of the board to the conditions you intend on putting it in. On the water, the board was really easy to maneuver and didn’t feel too unstable for the width. However, beginner paddlers, especially on flatwater, will most likely struggle paddling this board since it is of shorter length and width which affects the overall stability. Something to keep in mind. Carrying the board to and from the car and in and out of the water was a breeze with it being so lightweight (18lbs). Overall, this board is a great option for intermediate and advanced paddlers looking for a quality surf SUP that will last and perform well and for that we give it an A-grade in the surf category


  • Primary Use


    Paddle Boards fall into two broad categories, All-Around and Specialty boards, with all-around designed primarily for recreation while speciality boards for top performance in specific disciplines

  • Durability

    Very Durable

    Durability is largely a result of the board construction and shape, with more durable boards typically carrying more materials (added layers, PVC, etc) and as such adding to the weight.

  • Carrying

    Very Easy

    Carrying ease is determined by board weight and handle type, where a board weighing under 20lbs with a Liftsup handle is extremely easy to carry while a 35+lbs board quite difficult.

  • Stability


    Stability is a product of construction and shape, where boards w/ 30”+ wide and 200+ liters in volume offer plenty of stability for your AVG adult while a board under 26” wide is a challenge.

  • Glide


    Glide is a result of board shape and construction, w/ boards weighing under 30lbs and designed for racing offering best glide while recreational boards normally being on the slow side.

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  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024
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  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024
  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024
  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024
  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024
  • Surftech Alta Madera SUP Review 2024


Learn more on the Surftech website.


  • Dimensions

    9'8" x 29" x 4"

    Industry standard in board dimensions reads: L (length, from nose to tail) x W (width, from rail to rail at midpoint length), and H (height, from top to bottom of board at midpoint length).

  • Weight

    18.11 lbs

    Standup paddle boards tend to fall into 4 different weight classes: extremely lightweight (under 20 lbs), lightweight (20-28 lbs), average weight (28-35 lbs), heavy (above 35 lbs).

  • Volume

    127.4 L

    Volume is a key metric to determine how much weight a board can carry. Boards w/ 200+ liters offer most floatation with boards under 150 liters typically for high-performance surf.

  • Capacity

    unknown lbs

    Capacity is the max cargo weight a stand up paddle board can carry, considering not only the paddler’s weight but whatever else the paddler may choose to carry alongside him/her.

  • Add On's

    FCS II fin box

    Add-on’s include bungee cords, a minimalist way to haul things; Connexsup, which allows for all sorts of attachments, even fishing rods; and FCS II/Connect, for easy fin instal.

  • Handle

    Ergo Well

    Handles directly affect carrying ease, with external grip handles (Liftsup & EZgrab) offering most comfort, Internal Ergo Grip the mid-tier comfort, and box handles as least comfortable.

  • Holders


    Fishing rod holders and/or paddle holders can make paddling that much more pleasant, esp. when needing holders for the rod or having a safe place for the paddle during yoga.

Sizes Available

9 Feet 8 Inches 29 Inches 4 Inches 127.4 L


Learn more on the Surftech website.

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