World SUP Festival Delivers Strong Performances

Women's race. | Photo: Euro Tour / @marioentero Women's race. | Photo: Euro Tour / @marioentero

ALICANTE, Spain - As expected, the World SUP Festival delivered some wild action. One of the biggest races of the year didn’t disappoint and everyone earned their finishes with amazing performances by the world’s best.

Women's Race

For the women, the untouchable Spaniard, Espe Barreras, had yet another amazing performance taking top honors. This didn't come without excitement though as Espe had a big tumble on the last part of the race which brought the chase pack really close for a close finish.

On probably her best performance so far, Alba Frey from the Canary Islands placed second and gave Espe a run for her money. Multiple event winner (and still a Junior) Cecilia Pampinella from Italy, had a great race and finished in third. Coming in fourth, and showing her podium finish last weekend was no fluke, Switzerland's Anna Tschirky had another solid finish. Closing the top 5 was a very in form Melanie Lafenetre.

In 6th place, was veteran paddler Fiona Wylde who we're glad to see back as this is her first race since coming back from a shoulder injury sustained back in 2021. In her first Euro Tour event, 7th place finisher Juliette Du Haime showed she’s more than just a sprinter on a solid performance. And rounding up the top ten was Mari Carmen Rivera in 8th, Iona Rivet in 9th and Susak Molinero in the 10th spot. 

EURO TOUR Alicante 150 EURO TOUR Alicante 152

Women's race. | Photos: Euro Tour / @marioentero

Top 10 Women:

  1. Espe Barreras
  2. Alba Frey
  3. Cecilia Pampinella
  4. Anna Tschirky
  5. Melanie Lafenetre
  6. Fiona Wylde
  7. Juliette Du Haime
  8. Mari Carmen Rivera
  9. Iona Rivet
  10. Susak Molinero

Men's Race

EURO TOUR Alicante 263A close finish. | Photo: Euro Tour / @marioentero

The men's race was very close the whole way. New Caledonia's Noic Garioud made an unreal comeback to win the race after it looked like Japan's Shuri Araki would come away with the win after having a commanding lead the majority of the race.

Doing a lot of the work with his New Caledonian compatriot to regain the lead was Clement Colmas who finished in third and earned his best result in a while. On his first Euro Tour appearance, Japan's Rai Taguchi finished in fourth, showing why he’s so highly regarded. Claiming his best result here in 5th was Hungarian Bruno Hasulyo who was stoked to have chosen a more stable board in the rougher conditions. Past champ here at this event was Aussie Ty Judson in 6th. Not far behind in 7th was Ludovic Teulade on another great performance. Donato Freens grabbed 8th on yet another top result ahead of Italy's best long distance paddler Davide Alpino 9th. Closing the Top 10 and claiming honors as the best Spain's Fernando Perez Serra.

EURO TOUR Alicante 233 EURO TOUR Alicante 246

Araki (left) in the lead. Garioud & Colmas on his tail (right). | Photo: Euro Tour / @marioentero

Top 10 Men:

  1. Noic Garioud
  2. Shuri Araki
  3. Clement Colmas
  4. Rai Taguchi
  5. Bruno Hasulyo
  6. Ty Judson
  7. Ludovic Teulade
  8. Donato Freens
  9. Davide Alpino
  10. Fernando Perez Serra

To see a list of the full results, head to the EuroTour website. https://www.eurotoursup.net/2023-results For more action, check out the video recap from the event below.

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