Woman Survives 36 Hours Stranded In English Channel On Paddleboard




PARIS, France - When a Frenchwoman decided to go out for a nighttime paddle and didn’t tell anyone where she was going, it ended up being a huge mistake. The 24 year old Frenchwoman ended up being stranded on her paddle board for around 36 hours in rough seas and strong currents.


Friends and family of the woman didn’t realize she was missing until the next morning and air and water rescues were immediately sent out with no luck finding her. With the tough conditions on the water the woman ended up drifting around 80 miles to the east where she was ultimately rescued by a Belgian fishing boat.


It is not clear whether or not the woman had a PFD on the paddleboard with her, but it would be astonishing to know if she had survived that long without one to aid her. Regardless, this survival story is quite miraculous.


In a very important lesson to be learned here is to always tell someone where you are going, and to never paddle alone, especially at night.


Read the full story here.



Last modified onWednesday, 21 January 2015 17:15

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