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Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the Top 5 biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’ve got anything newsworthy, weird or worth reading about, don’t be shy to share the scoop with us via e-mail. 

5. How To Pick Your SUP Surf Break

sup surf tips sean poynter ep 5

Heat Score - 63

In episode four of Sean Poynter’s How-to SUP series, Sean gives us tips on how to choose your SUP surf break. Here are Sean’s tips.





4. Maliko Shuttle Launches SUP Valet Service

maliko shuttle valet service jimmy lewis

Heat Score - 74

After 9 1/2 years of providing shuttle logistics for the world’s best downwind course on the North Shore of Maui, Maliko Shuttle owner Jaecey Suda and her guiding partner, Ralf Sifford, have added a board valet service to make board rentals and logistics part of a hassle-free and world class paddling experience. More details HERE.

3. Paddle Boarding Lake Powell

lake powell sup antelope canyon1

Heat Score - 80

Lake Powell is one of the world’s top SUP destinations. The incredible canyons and natural landscapes are unlike anywhere else on earth. Here we describe everything you need to know (and more!) about this epic SUP destination. Read more HERE.

2. What’s for SUPper? Keto Supports Healthy Bodies On The Water

keto diet for sup 2

Heat Score - 88

There’s no doubt stand up paddleboarders are athletes, and with SUP growing in popularity and competitiveness, it's no wonder that many paddlers are also turning to a ketogenic (keto) diet to improve their fitness and endurance. Keto calls for high-fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate consumption, challenging the idea that the body needs the sugars from carbs for energy, instead training cells to consume fat. Read more HERE.

1. Best Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards 2019

best inflatable standup paddle board 2019

Heat Score - 96

After personally paddling, weighing, and thoroughly testing 150+ boards, our expert staff has selected the best inflatable stand up paddle board 2019 models. These are designated by the "A" grade and organized by categories (inflatable, all-around, touring, etc). The Supconnect team traveled across 3 states and spent 8 months individually assessing each one of the inflatable SUP boards below, counting a total of 23 metrics per board and consistently applying them across all products. The end result: simply the most comprehensive, consumer-friendly, value-added review platform in the standup paddle world. Click through each one of the reviews and find a consistent, in-depth assessment of each product listed. See the list HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 6 11 19

Photo via: Pat Jones     

Description: Sunrise on the water.

Location: Birkdale

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