Weekly Recap 07/19/2022


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5. Paddle Boarding Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

paddle boarding turks caicos

Heat Score - 64

Vanuatu is a scattering of 83 tropical islands amidst the blue waters of the South Pacific. Often referred to as the Happiest Place on Earth, stand up paddle boarders, divers and cavers will be left with serious face-ache after visiting Santo’s palm-fringed shores. Read more HERE.





4. What to Do Before Your First Downwinder

Connor Baxter downwind tips

Heat Score - 73

Downwind paddling on a stand up paddle board (SUP) is one of the funnest ways you can choose to ride your SUP. But, downwinders are harder than they look. One of the most decorated downwind paddlers in the world, Maui’s Connor Baxter, gives us some tips on what you need to know before attempting your first run. Read more HERE.


3. 5 Often-Overlooked (And Critically Important) SUP Safety Practices

sup safety

Heat Score - 81

While stand up paddle boarding is generally regarded as a very safe activity, there are some basic safety measures that should be practiced each and every time you paddle out. It's all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that one is above these practices (especially when it comes to experienced paddlers), but nothing could be further from the truth. Read more HERE.


2. Support for Mike Eisert

Support Mike Eisert

Heat Score - 87

Here's a chance for you to offer support for Mike Eisert, founder and coach at The Paddle Academy as he battles lymphoma. Read more HERE.


1. What Type of Strength Do You Need to Excel at SUP?

sup awards 2022 launch

Heat Score - 94

Standup paddle boarding is excellent exercise for the whole body. Even a beginner who sticks to SUP will see improvements in strength and endurance. Today, Jennifer Dawson shares details about the specific types of strength that SUP requires, as well as exercises you can do to enhance your strength. Read more HERE.

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photo of the week 7 20 21

Photo via: Thurso Surf

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