Starboard Releases New Roll Technology, Packing Inflatables 30% Smaller

SAN DIEGO, California - Starboard, a leading brand in the paddleboard industry, is excited to introduce its latest innovation in inflatable SUP design – the New Roll Technology. This groundbreaking advancement allows our beloved inflatable SUPs to be packed 30% smaller, revolutionizing the way you transport and store your favorite Starboard Zen.

Designed with convenience in mind, the patented 3-piece foldable fin box enables users to roll the board instead of folding it, reducing the packing size by an impressive 30%. This means you can now pack your Starboard Zen, along with the Tiki F pump and 3-piece paddle, into a compact duffel bag, making transportation easier and more convenient than ever before.

The new roll technology comes with a 30% smaller bag featuring roller wheels and hiking straps, ensuring hassle-free travel. The new roll technology is now available with our five best-selling models, including:

  • iGO 10’8” x 33”
  • iGO 11’2” x 31+”
  • Touring 11’6” x 29”
  • Touring 12’6” x 30”
  • Touring 14’0” x 32”

starboard zen rollPhoto courtesy: Starboard

In addition to its compact size and portability, the New Roll Technology offers a range of benefits for paddleboard enthusiasts. The board, pump, and 3-piece paddle can be easily stored in the bag, ensuring a clutter-free experience. Equipped with roller wheels, the bag becomes the perfect travel companion, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver through various terrains. The ergonomically formed shoulder straps provide comfort and stability, making it comfortable to carry even on longer journeys.

Starboard is committed to environmental sustainability and combating climate change. With the purchase of each board, we pledge to plant three mangrove trees through our partnership with the Worldview International Foundation. These Mighty Mangrove trees have the capacity to sequester 673kg of VCS certified CO2 during their first 25 years, offsetting the board's carbon emissions 10 times over. Furthermore, the initiative supports local livelihood projects in Myanmar, creating a positive impact in the community.

For more information about the New Roll Technology and Starboard's inflatable SUPs, click here

starboard zen roll 2Photo courtesy: Starboard

About Starboard:
Starboard is a leading brand in the paddleboard industry, dedicated to crafting high-quality and innovative products. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Starboard aims to minimize its environmental impact while providing exceptional paddleboarding experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

Last modified onFriday, 30 June 2023 21:08

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