Fall 2023 SUP Gear Guide

SAN DIEGO, California - Seasons are a-changing' and fall colors and cooler temps will be making their way to your oceans and waterways before you know it. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, SUP accessories, SUP boards and all the must have's for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2023 Fall SUP season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

Take a look at the 2023 Fall Gear Guide below:




Onyx M-16 Series Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

Introducing the U.S. Coast Guard Approved Inflatable Belt Pack with Manual Inflation—a compact safety device providing 17 lbs of buoyancy via a 16-gram CO2 charge, expandable to 26.5 lbs with an oral inflation tube. The Secure Pull feature ensures swift inflation upon release, being easily clipped to a life jacket. Its low-profile design offers freedom of movement without compromising safety, making it a versatile and reliable water safety companion. Learn more.


Hydro Flask 24 Oz Standard Flex Straw Cap

Stay hydrated on the water with a 24oz Hydro Flask standard mouth water bottle with a leakproof flex straw cap -- easy to fill, easy to drink. The insulated stainless steel keeps it cold for up to 24 hours! Learn more HERE.

electric pump

Outdoor Master Dolphin II Electric Pump

Sick of manually inflating your inflatable paddle boards? The Dolphin II electric pump can save you time and energy! This pump is portable, lightweight and can inflate your board up to 15 PSI in about 10 minutes. The pump connects to your car's 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety. Electric sup air pump comes with 7 nozzles to fit most high pressure inflatable. Learn more HERE.

board rack

SUP Board Storage Wall Rack

The G-SUP Indoor Wall Rack is the ideal solution to save space and keep your paddleboards in excellent condition. Solid steel & aluminum construction allows this wall-mounted rack to support up to 4 paddleboards, up to 100 lbs each or 400 lbs total. Each level is adjustable to fit the shape and size of your paddleboards. The 27" arms can support boats and boards up to 37" wide. This rack holds most paddleboards, including flatwater, racing, touring, yoga, and inflatable SUPs. Learn more.


fall23 gg inflatablesPhoto courtesy: Slingshot


 Boards - Inflatables


body glove supyak

Body Glove X2 2-Person Inflatable SUPYAK

Introducing the Body Glove X2 SUPYAK, a versatile inflatable stand-up paddle board/kayak hybrid. With SUP and kayak conversion accessories included in the package and a 13’6” extended platform, the X2 offers six paddling configurations in one board for multiple paddlers. The complete package conveniently fits with the rolled-up board in the included backpack for storage and prime portability. Learn more HERE.

slingshot crossbreed wing kit

Slingshot Crossbreed SUPWinder Board & Blaster Package

Step into the new and exciting sport of Wing surfing and gather the basics of upwind and downwind sailing on a soft, stable platform before taking the next step to a dedicated foil board. This Slingshot SUP and Wing Package is loaded with great gear to get you off the beach and enjoying the fastest-growing water sport of Winging. The Crossbreed 11’ inflatable SUP w/sUP Winder keel fin and the Blaster 4.4 m eter wing are a great choice for beginners and families looking to learn together. Learn more HERE.

pau hana solo sup backcountry

Pau Hana 10'10" Solo SUP™ Backcountry

The Solo SUP™ - Backcountry is the first hikeable paddleboard, specifically designed for backcountry adventures. It is the lovechild of dirtbag hippies who surf, paddleboard, and kayak, created specifically for digital nomads that want to explore remote waterways accessible only by long hikes or portages. Learn more HERE.

aquatone fitness inflatable mat

Aquatone Fluid 8'0" Fitness Platform

Our newest inflatable platform designed for avid yogis, the FLUID air mat offers support and convenience in one piece. Made of premium drop-stitch material, this platform, when inflated, feels as solid as the ground, enabling movements of any kind. The length of 8'0" and width of 34" is specifically tailored to offer plenty of room for maximum freedom and an interrupted workout.. Learn more HERE.

fall23 gg aqua marina

Aqua Marina Coral Touring

The CORAL TOURING board offers a unique cruising shape ideal for all trekking enthusiasts. Effortlessly cover greater distances with exceptional glide and manoeuvrability. This lighter weight touring board is perfect for calmer waters or mild waves while remaining ultra-portable. Its sleek outline features a moderate nose rocker for better control and effortless paddling. Coming in at just 9.3kg, this board is easy to pack up into its convenient backpack to discover your next wondrous destination. Learn more HERE.

aztron wing

Aztron Falcon Air X 5'4" Wing Foil Board

Designed for maximum freedom, the new FALCON AIR X allows you to experience both the freedom of flying and easy packing. With high-grade core material and Double Chamber setup, the new board perfectly combines stability, glide and comfort. Featuring a compact length at 5'4", and a wide deck, it balances a nice weight with high performance and handy control in take-offs and in air.. Learn more HERE.

aztron nova sup

Aztron Nova 10'0" Compact SUP

Safety and performance folded into one small backpack. This is the very definition of the Compact Collection. Through reduced traction pads, the Double Chamber LITE Tech now offers even more convenience in packing with uncompromized function and revamped graphic design. Learn more HERE.

aquatone body board

Aquatone Buzz 50" Recreational Bodyboard

Exciting and entry-level friendly, head straight to the sea with the BUZZ 50 bodyboard! The eye-catching design paired with an extra wide deck and fishtail guarantee stability but not compromising versatility. So now, even the new riders are able to hop on and enjoy the splashes of waves. Buzz around and have fun!. Learn more HERE.



fall23 gg compositePhoto courtesy: Starboard


 Boards - Non-Inflatables


surftech aleka

Surftech Aleka

The Aleka / Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect board for any paddler that wants to do it all. Joe BARK shaped the Aleka to be stable enough for flat-water cruising plus it still performs well in small to medium surf. The Tuflite V-Tech utilizes a molded bamboo micro-sandwich construction, quality fiberglass with EPS and GreenPoxy® bio-resin for durability and weight reduction, and includes a ¾ thermal debossed Bloom™ Foam deck pad, Deck tie-downs, ledge handle, and Rear padded handle. Learn more HERE.

pop huckleberry

POP Board Co Huckleberry

The 11’0″ Huckleberry is designed to explore and feel the freedom of open water. Shaped with a ton of volume, the Huckleberry is the ultimate cruiser for experiencing rivers, lakes, harbors, and coastlines. The unique bamboo veneer showcases the natural wood layer making each board one of a kind. No two boards look the same. Learn more HERE.

starboard gen-r

Starboard Gen-R

The Gen-R is a key model for surf racing and all round paddling. The slightly recessed deck has been optimized to have great stability while easy-to-use when beach starting and getting back on the board. Lower rail height and reduced nose thickness is a much requested feature (especially from our lighter riders) for technical races, buoy turning and easy handling in choppy conditions. Learn more HERE.



Make sure to head to your local retailer to find all these items and more during this Fall season!

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