9'3" Ripper by Paddle Surf Hawaii


Ryan from Boardworks SUP talks about some of the features of the 9'3" Ripper by Paddle Surf Hawaii and its intended use.




psh-ripper-9-3Designed to tear waves apart or ride in the barrel. This is THE ultimate ripper board ridden in challenging waves by guys like Ikaika Kalama, Jaime Sterling, Mark Healy, Stewart Ferriman, Aaron Napolean etc.











paddlesurfhawaii-9-3-ripper-diamondtailEquipment: Standup Paddle Surfboard

Dimensions: 9' 3" x 28 3/8" x 4 1/4" - 138L

Fins: 2 + 1 or Quad

Tail: Diamond

Nose: Pulled in

Other.1: Deck handle

Use: Surfing

Manufacturers: Contact Boardworks SUP





Andre Niemeyer's Notes



The ripper 9'3" is pure performance surfing. Tailored for the stand up paddle surfer seeking some up and down action on the wave, the ripper scores really high on maneuverability while still maintaining quite a bit of stability for the paddler. Critical SUP Surf is its turf.



Based out of Oahu, Hawaii, Blane Chambers has some of the world's most talented stand up paddle surfers in his own backyard, surfing some of the world's most challenging waves. Tapping into those conditions and that talent pool, Chambers has poured himself wholeheartedly into reaserch and development, leading him to shape one of the highest performing boards in the market.The 9'3" Ripper is no exception. Its pulled in nose makes it easy for that rail-to-rail transition, for steep take offs, and critical re-entries. The 2+1/Quad fin box system gives incredible flexibility for the paddler, permitting adjustments for multiple types of waves and riding styles. The traction has plenty of grip and the construction, as it's typically the case with boardworks, is incredibly strong, boosting durability and making it difficult to get dings.



Like with many things in life, the board has its predictable downfalls. Given its performance driven-features for standup paddle surfing, the Ripper is not a flatwater, river, or touring board. And it shouldn't be. When driving high maneuverability in the surf, one automatically gives up on low yaw, extra stability, etc. Kids and young teenagers can certainly still use the Ripper for paddling playfully in flatwater, be it on a lake, river, or lagoon. But an average adult (whatever that happens to be) should be fully aware that this is a high-performance, surf-driven design board. Add the right water to it and get ready to see it activated.  



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