Results Of The 3rd Hellenic Sup Cup 2013, Greece

The 3rd Hellenic SUP CUP (Stand Up Paddle), organized by FORWARD and sponsored by BIC®, was successfully completed. On October 20th, 2013 - 11:30 am, vessel traffic at the Isthmus of Corinth was halted, for the start of the Final race. A race connected to the 120 year anniversary of the Isthmus of Corinth (1893-2013).

Participation reached a record high with over 120 paddlers crossing the Isthmus Canal, (6,343 m length) on their boards, having paddles as their only power. The participation of 26 children was also impressive, showing excessive enthusiasm as they managed to complete the race till the finish line at Posidonia. The 3rd Hellenic SUP CUP held to the impressive backdrop of the Corinth Canal for a third year. Meanwhile this year the competition was stronger, with the participation of 2 International athletes.

BIC® Sport’s athlete, French Champion Eric Terrien, is the winner - 26:26:83, followed at a short distance by the Danish Viking Casper Steinfath - 26:37:81 and with the Greek Champion George Frangos a bit further along, at 28:08:29. The athletes returned to the venue by “Argo” tourist boat, having the chance to admire the 80m cliff and the imposing bridges connecting the Greek mainland with the Peloponnese, without the stress and the pressure of the race.

Aligned with BIC® Corporate Responsibility, the winner Eric Terrien’s board was tendered to support the work of the "Smile of the Child" NGO. The amount raised was 1,893 €, a symbolic number, as the event was dedicated to the 120 years of the Isthmus. BIC® doubled the amount and handed over a check of 3,786 € to the General Secretary of the organization, Mr. Christos Kammilatos. 
The event ended with the award giving ceremony.

For the Isthmus Speed ​​Crossing 2013

1st Eric Terrien (Bic Race Tech 14’0”)
2nd Casper Steinfath (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
3rd George Frangos (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)

Followed by the awards of the 3rd Greek SUP CUP 2013

Men’s Category
1st Frangos George (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
2nd Konstantis George (Naish Javelin 14’0” GX)
3rd Anastassios Galanis (Fanatic Falcon 14’0”)

 Women’s Category

1st Yassoumi Michaella (Naish Javelin 14’0” MC)
2nd Pilou Polly (Naish Javelin 14’0”)
3rd Alpous Victoria (Starboard 14’0”) 

Boys’ Category
1st Syrigos Nikos (Naish Javelin 14’0”)
2nd Kritis Marios (Naish Javelin 14’0”)
3rd Doukas Fedon (Naish Javelin 14’0”)

Girls’ Category
1st Kontarini Constantina (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
2nd Stalman Leah (Naish Nalu 10’10”)
3rd Saravanou Katia (Naish Nalu 10’10”)

About BIC Sport
BIC® has a presence in watersports since 1979, with BIC® Sport. It was founded by Baron Bich, a man passionate about sea and sailing. The company was very quickly established in the design and production of windsurfs, maintaining an image of reliability, simplicity, ingenuity and affordability. The last 20 years, it has expanded in other market segments with the production of the first SUP BIC® boards in 2008.

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