Switzerland Stand Up Paddles, Tahoe Style


The first ever container of Tahoe SUP’s to Europe has landed in Switzerland! It is very exciting that this historical shipment of boards has arrived in a location so closely resembling the alpine waters where the company was born.

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Hilton Alves, Painting the SUP World Tour


Combining a playful imagination with an appreciation for the strength and beauty of nature in harmony with humans, artist and waterman Hilton Alves embarked on the creation of a series of SUP paintings as the official artist for this year’s Stand Up World Tour.

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Supcore Fitness with Kozak & Yeo


Noelle Kozak has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Noelle developed a program to train trainers for a national gym, during such time she won the title as top trainer for those sports clubs, nationwide.

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Help Boardworks Raise $10K for Relief Effort


The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan on March 11, 2011, triggering a deadly tsunami, has left a massive path of devastation and has put Japan in a complete state of emergency.

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Rogue SUP Signs Canadian Distributor


Icon Sports Group is excited to announce that they have been named as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Rogue Stand Up Paddleboards. Active distribution for the brand is already underway and Rogue SUP enters the Canadian market with an impressive line of boards and paddles.

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Tahoe SUP Collaborates with Quickblade


Tahoe SUP and Quickblade Paddles will be introducing a touring specific, true bamboo veneer paddle. Each paddle will feature a carbon fiber shaft and its own unique bamboo wood grain.

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Gavere & Gregg, Sup Couple of the Year

Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg, Sup Couple of the Year 2010

After a highly contested challenge, Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg, one of the event’s favorites, clasped the first ever title of Sup Couple of the Year. This was one of our fiercest competitions and there were plenty of surprises along the way.

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Tahoe SUP, Stand Up Paddle Board Company


Tahoe SUP has become known for both its pioneering efforts and distinctive product line. In a time when stand up paddle boarding was seen purely in terms of surfing, Tahoe SUP not only had the vision to identify the inland potential of the sport, but also to rollout a full product line specifically tailored for the touring market.

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Paddle Diva, Stand Up Paddle Wintertime

Gina Bradley is one of the most passionate stand up paddle boarders you’ll come across. Now what do you do when all the water around you is frozen? Bradley decided to take out her stand up paddle board gear, suit up in a bikini and hit the white carpet for a stand up paddle session.

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