Boardworks Releases the Mini Mod SUP Surfboard

Visit Boardworks Surf to learn more about the Mini Mod Standup Paddle Surfboard

Gretchen Gamble, Ryan Mahoney and Phil Rainey surfing the Mini Mod Standup Paddle Board.

ENCINITAS, California – These boards are designed to be performance surf SUPs but are also a good choice for smaller paddlers looking for a light-weight recreational paddleboard with ample stability. What makes the Mini Mod unique is that it is thinner than most boards on the market which allows the surfer to easily set the rail in bottom and top turns. The board sits lower in the water which allows for less “bobbing” from rail to rail. It has a wide tail which also adds to the stability. The Mini Mod was designed to excel in playful sized surf much like many of the popular alternative surfboards on the market today. If you are looking for a board that will increase your level of fun in the surf the Mini Mod is the right choice for you. They are available in 5 sizes : 7’10, 8’5, 8’8, 9’1, 9’6.   For more info go to http://boardworkssup.com/boards/bws.php 

Boardworks Surf is always releasing new products as they continue to increase and improve their already stellar offering of stand up paddle boards and equipment. Adding to their lineup, the Mini Mod is yet another production stand up paddle surfboard, with a highly durable construction, unique graphics, and a design made for performance stand up paddle surfing. Learn more at Boardworkssup.com

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