The SUP Yoga Synthesis

Stand up paddling + yoga = SUP Yoga. This niche in the SUP world has caught fire, fueled by the exceptional workout it provides and the meditative qualities of being on the water. Read more and look for our weekly SUP Yoga poses to try out for yourself.

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Does Length Matter?

Ivan van Vuuren shares some of his stand up paddle expertise with SUP Connect. Find out if the length of your SUP paddle really does matter. Hint: the answer isn't no.

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SUP Fitness With Nikki Gregg

Nikki Gregg, fitness professional and elite SUP competitor, shows us how to safely and effectively transform our bodies and reap the health benefits of stand up paddling while having fun in her Stand Up Paddle Fitness video.

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The Plunge Stroke Shocks Sup World

With the fast growth of the sport, stand up paddle boarding is raising lots of questions, especially internally when it comes to sup racing. Most recently, there were lots of controversies surrounding the stroke technique employed by Jim Terrell and Dan Gavere during the Silver Regatta Race at the Olympic Training Center on April 23, 2011.

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ET SUP Program: Strength and Reach

HOOD RIVER, Oregon – It takes time to improve the strength-endurance needed for longer paddle sessions, but one thing you can change almost immediately is your technique.

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How to Be Safe Stand Up Paddle Surfing

As the fastest growing sport in the USA, stand up paddlers are flocking to surfing beaches often without adequate skills or training.· This has created tensions between traditional surfers and SUP’ers.

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Volume in Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

When choosing a stand up paddle board, volume is arguably the primary factor that one should consider. Here is a reference table that gives you a guideline when selecting your stand up paddle board.

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Whitewater SUP Safety From a Wahine

With all the dangers involved in whitewater SUP, some may wonder what pleasure is found in this unique discipline of the sport.· River running can be deeply rewarding and is both physically and mentally challenging.

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How to Be Safe in the Rapids on SUP

The world’s first casualties of standup paddling took place on a river, highlighting the exceptional dangers posed by running fresh water.

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Heather Baus

heatherbaus-sup Heather Baus is a Stand up Paddle racer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Early this year she won 3 races and the co-ed race at the Catalina Challenge. She took 2nd at the Carolina Cup, 1st in the Rincon Beach Boys SUP race, 7th at the Battle of the Paddle and 2nd at the Gulf Coast Championships. Should she be your 2011 SUP woman of the year?

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