Marisa Miller, Stand Up Paddling in Shape

The Supermodel from Santa Cruz is Now Working on Her Own Stand Up Paddle Board Design


Marrisa Miller with her stand up paddle board at the photo shoot for Shape Magazine in Los Angeles, California.


ANGELES, California – Stand up paddle boarding is moving mainstream and moving fast. Even though there is no single Gidget for the sport yet, there have been tons of celebrities that have taken up stand up paddling on their own, one of them is Marisa Miller, who was just featured on the cover of Shape Magazine for the 8th time. In her featured article, she talks about the appeals of stand up paddle boarding and how she is working on a specific board design tailoring to the needs of women.

Miller, a Santa Cruz resident, has been drawn to the sport through the appeal of a fitness workout outside of the gym, in particular in the ocean. “It's a great sport,” says Miller. “I think it's important when you exercise that you have something that's fun to do. And stand up paddling is “therapeutic because you get outside,” and you even get to “see dolphins,” she adds. And “even if you don't surf, it's just great to be out in the ocean.”

And her involvement has evolved beyond purely paddling. She is now working on designing her own line of stand up paddle boards. “I'm really excited. I'm partnering with Surftech to create a line of stand up paddleboards for women,” says Miller. “It's a sport I’ve been involved in the last couple of years. A lot of the boards out there are built more for men. They’re big. They are hard to carry. So Randy French and I came up with a design that is easy for women to carry and still stable enough in the water.”

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