Kayak-Board Hybrid, New SUP Design

Standup Paddle Yolo boards cruising across different lands, with some "swamp" and snow action. Can you guess where?

SEASIDE, Florida - Yolo Board, a Florida-based company with a focus on stand-up paddle boards, launched a kayak-sup hybrid, called "Yolo Yak." Made out of polyethylene, that plastic material found in kayaks, Yolo Yak is more durable than a fiberglass surfboard and fairly light for its size. It measures 11'10" long, 33" wide, and weighs 60 lbs. It’s targeted market is recreational paddling and various forms of fishing, including crabbing. The nose has a bungee tie down system, where "cargo" can be secured, especially fishing gear.

Now for those who are neither tourists nor diehard fisherman, but only surfers looking for waves, the Yolo can be quite useful. Given that it's less voluminous than a kayak but still has a "cargo system," the Yolo may be a convenient way for surfers to reach remote surf breaks, while hauling the surfboard and other supplies, like water and snack.

The new hybrid equipment still needs to be put to the test on numerous fronts, for example, choppy v. flat water, short v. long distance, strong v. calm winds. Nevertheless, the concept of the Yolo Yak promises to be very useful in helping surfers to reach remote and less crowded surf breaks, without having to put up with the oversized pains of a kayak.

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