Kai Bates SUP Surfs Tidal Bore In Papua New Guinea

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, South Pacific - Australian stand up paddler Kai Bates recently went on an amazing trip to Papua New Guinea to take a chance at riding the tidal bore that frequents the river Digul in West Papua New Guinea. After a two-day plane trip, eight hour car rides and long boat journeys Kai made it to the river and had a blast.

“This trip to Papua was something super memorable,” said Kai. “A place of such beauty, and contrast to my home and most places I visit. I felt I wasn't only there to surf a wave but also check out the different people and culture. I ddidn't get a lot of great surfing clips but I have some great memories from the journey. Thanks to fanatic sup for allowing me to go, and Forrest Ladkin for getting the clip together.”

Watch Kai Bates ripping the river Digul in West Papua New Guinea in the video below.

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Last modified onThursday, 07 April 2016 16:14

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