Latvia to Host First-Ever SUP Marathon

RIGA, Latvia - In a groundbreaking initiative, Latvia is set to host its first-ever SUP rowing marathon on May 4, marking a significant milestone in the region's sporting landscape. The event, titled "SUP King Marathon - Salaca 100," promises to be a unique experience, not only within Latvia but across Northern Europe.

Commencing in the early hours of May 4, the marathon will kick off in Vecate, where the Salaca River originates from Lake Burtnieks. Covering a challenging 100 km route, participants will navigate the picturesque Salacas River, culminating at its mouth in the Baltic Sea. The formidable task demands completion within a 24-hour timeframe.

Already garnering attention from rowers in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, the event has attracted interest from additional countries. Organizers anticipate an impressive turnout, with over 100 paddlers expected to partake in this exhilarating SUP challenge.

Rolands Melbārdis, one of the event organizers and the manager of "Active Tourism Center EŽI," underscores the uniqueness of the marathon, stating, "The journey from Burtnieks to the sea is a self-discovery adventure, a celebration of Latvia's Independence Day, and a personal challenge. We firmly believe this event has the potential to establish itself as a prominent fixture in the European SUP paddlers' calendar."

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Ansis Dobelis, manager of “Supfit.lv” and an event organizer, emphasizes the inclusivity of the marathon, stating, "This event is designed for everyone who is physically active and seeks to test their strength and stamina. You don't need to be a professional rower to participate. It's not about speed; it's about patience, persistence, and the determination to cross the finish line."

Participants in the marathon will receive comprehensive support throughout the event. Resting places will be strategically located every 20-30 km along the riverbanks, offering participants opportunities to recharge, replenish supplies, and seek assistance. Additional support includes transportation between start and finish locations, as well as provisions for participants to withdraw if needed.

The event is jointly organized by "Active Tourism Center Eži" and the SUP adventure organization "Supfit.lv," with the valuable support of the municipalities of Valmiera and Limbažu regions.

For more information about the marathon and registration, please visit the official website.

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