Hurry, Time is Short, Excellent SUP Men Wanted!



SAN DIEGO, California - Many stand up paddlers are aware that the 2012 SUP Man of the Year Awards are under way and because of that many amazing athletes from SUP around the world have been nominated.  Hundreds of votes are pouring in, however, do you think there are great paddlers who are missing and should be added to the list?


This is where you and every paddler from around the world comes into play.  Below is a list of Elite SUP men who are pre-seeded and whom will be a part of the final vote to determine the 2012 SUP Man of the Year (Click here for full details on how the contest is run). Therefore, if your favorite SUP Man of 2012 is not on the list then please hurry and nominate them now.  The top 5 SUP men from the nominations (phase 1) will join the men on the pre-seeded list for the final vote (phase 2).  


In a sport like stand up paddle where friendships are strong and the stoke is high, let us all ban together to make sure that those who are doing great things in the sport are recognized for their excellence and that together we make the sport greater by discovering those whose ambassadorship, involvement and performance is simply outstanding.


Take action NOW and nominate those you know who are NOT on the following list but deserve to be among the elite for the final 2012 vote.


Pre-Seeded Men for Sup Man of the Year 2012:

1. Chase Kosterlitz

2. Bart de Zwart

3. Sean Poynter

4. Justin Cook

5. Chris Curray 

6. Colin McPhillips

7. Antoine Delpero

8. Leco Salazar

9. Aaron Napoleon

10. Jamie Mitchell

11. Travis Grant

12. Kai Lenny

13. Eric Terrien

14. Anthony vela

15. Rob Rojas

16. Danny Ching

17. Connor Baxter

18. Dan Gavere

19. Ernest Johnson

20. Chuck Patterson

**This is a preliminary list of pre-seeded athletes and additional pre-seeded men may be added.


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