Hornet Watersports Launches Line Of Custom Paddles

Have you ever wanted a rad looking paddle to go along with your favorite standup paddleboard? Or, how about if you own a business and want your logo slapped on the paddle? Well, you’re in luck, because Hornet Watersports has just come out with a new line of paddles and they are awesome!

Hornet Watersports gives you the opportunity to create a custom paddle, whether it be with the logo of your company, or just a cool graphic that looks awesome! Hornet Watersports has hundreds of designs for you to choose from. No more mixing up paddles with your buddies, now you can have a unique-looking paddle that stands out from all the others.

What makes Hornet Watersports different from other paddle manufacturers? Well, Hornet Watersports prints the graphic inside of the blade so that stickers, paint, and clear coating over the paddle are no longer necessary.

Check out this short video that Hornet Watersports made highlighting their paddles, and to learn more about them, head to their website at hornetwatersports.com



Last modified onSunday, 25 January 2015 16:41

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