HDX Stands Up for Diabetes on Nov 17th

HDX Stands Up for Diabetes on November 17th, 2012 for National Diabetes Month.


Type 1 Diabetic endurance athlete Ryan Maloney


HUNTINGTON BEACH, California -  On November 17, 2012 people all around the nation are encouraged to get out and stand up paddle board wherever they can, to show support and bring awareness to diabetes and its staggering statistics. According to the American Diabetes Association’s website:

·      18.8 million people are living with Diabetes in the United States

·      7.0 million people have Diabetes but are undiagnosed

·      79 million people are pre-diabetic

·      By 2050 30% of the U.S. population will have Diabetes 


Official hosts of Stand Up for Diabetes are owner and founder of HDX Hydration Mix Vipe Desai, Type 1 Diabetic endurance athlete Ryan Maloney and elite Stand Up Paddleboard athlete Alison Riddle.


“I’m excited to be part of Stand Up for Diabetes and to help others understand the importance of living a healthy and an active lifestyle, which can reduce the impact of Diabetes,” said Maloney.


As part this movement and spreading the word, Stand Up for Diabetes is asking those who participate, wherever it may be, to like the official Stand Up for Diabetes Facebook page and “tag” a photo of their participation on, www.facebook.com/standupfordiabetes.


“As a professional athlete in the Stand Up Paddle Board community, I know that attention to good health and being active is essential in the fight against diabetes,” said Riddle. “Participating in this grassroots movement is a fun and healthy way to bring attention to a serious disease.”


Everyone is encouraged to take part in this day of awareness. Whether you are a seasoned stand up paddle boarder, a beginner, have diabetes, know someone who is affected by the disease or just want to get out in the water for a good cause, everyone across America is asked to take a stand with family and friends and get out on the water to bring awareness to an epidemic that affects us all. Through awareness we can become conscious of how to prevent Diabetes but also stand alongside those who are living with Diabetes day in and day out.


“We’re hoping to bring awareness to a disease that affects millions,” said Desai a Type 2 Diabetic. “The statistics are staggering and the costs associated with diabetes are something we can’t afford. At HDX, we have a product that gives people a healthy choice and we also believe living an active lifestyle is a great way to lead a healthy life.”


For more information on Stand Up for Diabetes and HDX Hydration Mix, please visit www.hdxmix.com.


About HDX Hydration Mix:

HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered beverage drink mix made with natural ingredients and an advanced blend of key electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the modern athlete. When combined with water, HDX Hydration Mix provides multiple performance benefits for maximum hydration, making it a true sports performance drink providing four core functional benefits: hydration, strength, endurance and recovery. Each HDX “stick” contains just 25 calories and has no caffeine, and can be easily mixed into any reusable water bottle, making it the perfect eco-friendly hydration option. To join the healthy hydration movement, visit hdxmix.com.


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