Excitement Peaks at the Barcelona SUP World Fest 2024

Photo by: Mario Entero Photo by: Mario Entero

BARCELONA, SPAIN - All the hype for the biggest event of the year didn’t disappoint at stop #4 of Euro Tour 2024, Barcelona SUP World Fest. The event featured spectacular action with challenging conditions that made everyone earn their finish. 

Eurotour Barcelon 322 2Photo Credit: Mario Entero

In the women's race, Spain's Espe Barreras returned to claim first place, although she faced tough competition throughout. She ultimately secured the victory with some distance from her competitors.

Puerto Rico's Mari Carmen Rivera finished as the runner-up after staying close to the leaders for the entire race. The third place went to Spain's Alba Frey, showing the excellent shape she’s in at the moment. France's Anais Guyomarch thrived in the challenging conditions to secure fourth place. The fight for the top five was intense, with France's Iona Rivet narrowly beating Spain's Sonia Caimari for fifth place. 

Eurotour Barcelon 210 2 Eurotour Barcelon 298 2
Photo Credit: Mario Entero

Top 10 Women:

  1. Espe Barreras (Spain)
  2. Mari Carmen Rivera (Puerto Rico)
  3. Alba Frey (Spain)
  4. Anais Guyomarch (France)
  5. Iona Rivet (France)
  6. Sonia Caimari (Spain)
  7. Cecilia Pampinella (Italy)
  8. Susak Molinero (Spain)
  9. Juliette Du Haime (Argentina)
  10. Seychelle (USA)

Eurotour Barcelon 127 2Photo Credit: Mario Entero

In the men's race, Japan's Shuri Araki broke the record for the most dominant performances by a male in Eurotour history with his most assertive win to date.

Building on his impressive result from last week, Spain's Aaron Sánchez secured second place among the world’s best. Australia's Michael Booth redeemed himself from the previous race in Italy by finishing third. Japan's Rai Taguchi, known for his consistent performances, took fourth place. France's Clement Colmas, after a fantastic race near the front, completed the top five.

Eurotour Barcelon 75 2 Eurotour Barcelon 110 2

Photo Credit: Mario Entero

Top 10 Men:

  1. Shuri Araki (Japan)
  2. Aaron Sánchez (Spain)
  3. Michael Booth (Australia)
  4. Rai Taguchi (Japan)
  5. Clement Colmas (France)
  6. Vaic Garioud (France)
  7. Blue Ewer (United Kingdom)
  8. Fernando Perez (Spain)
  9. Ollie Houghton (New Zealand)
  10. Arthur Arutkin (France)

Check out the Full results HERE.

Eurotour Barcelona Kiids 55 2Photo Credit: Mario Entero

The afternoon girl's race was the highlight of the event, featuring tight competition and lots of smiles.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Carlos, Meritxell, the entire crew of volunteers, and all the staff at Club Patí Vela and Federació Catalana de Surf for organizing a spectacular event and accommodating everyone at the biggest event of the year. This event is sure to become a staple in the racing calendar. Moltes gràcies, Barcelona!

Eurotour Barcelon group shotPhoto Credit: Mario Entero

Next Stop, Nordhausen Sup Race in Nordhausen, Germany, event dates June 21st thru 22nd, 2024.

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