Corinth Canal Sup Crossing 2019 – Save The Date

Photo courtesy: Corinth Canal SUP Crossing, 2018 Photo courtesy: Corinth Canal SUP Crossing, 2018

CORINTH CANAL, Greece - The most fascinating SUP race of the year, the “Corinth Canal SUP Crossing” which will take place at the famous Canal of Corinth - Greece, is about to start. On Sunday September 22nd 2019, the naval traffic of the canal will be stopped for 500 Stand Up Paddlers to compete at the "World’s Straightest SUP Race."

The race will designate, besides the winners of each category, also Greece and Greek history, as the specific race has stimulated the interest of the global SUP community. The race is so special, not only for the high competitive level, but also for the emotions that overflows every paddler when he/she stands inside this historic canal, between its 80m vertical walls. The Corinth Canal is a unique monument around the globe and only few have the privilege to cross it on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

For 9 consecutive years, the “Corinth Canal” race (formerly known as “Isthmus Speed Crossing”) has been the most interesting race for paddlers all around Europe and the Globe, who travel to Greece for this opportunity. Live the experience of paddling the 6.343 meters through History.

For more information on the event click HERE.

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