BOTE Teams Up With SweetWater Brew To Save Waterways

BOTE Boards and Sweetwater Brewing Co. are teaming up in an effort to keep waterways clean. BOTE Boards and Sweetwater Brewing Co. are teaming up in an effort to keep waterways clean.

FORT WALTON BEACH, Florida – BOTE Boards and SweetWater Brewing Company have teamed up to raise funds for Waterkeeper® Alliance – an organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and rights to clean waterways.

BOTE Boards worked closely with SweetWater and Waterkeeper® Alliance to create an exclusive co-branded standup paddle board. Ten percent from every board sold will go directly to Waterkeeper® Alliance to further bolster efforts in the conservation of clean waterways.

BOTE Boards and SweetWater Brewery have been in collaboration since 2012 sharing a passion for life on the water, making limited edition co-branded boards. Concurrently, SweetWater has actively supported Waterkeeper® Alliance since 2006 raising more than $750,000 for Waterkeerpers® throughout the Southeast with their “Save Our Water” campaign as 90-percent of beer comes from local water sources.

"BOTE Boards and SweetWater Brewing Company are two of the best partners any group could ask for. We are thrilled for their continued support and we can't wait to see the special edition Waterkeeper® Alliance boards from BOTE/SweetWater on waterways around the country this year," said Marc Yaggi, executive director of Waterkeeper® Alliance. "While these groups sure know how to have fun, they are just as serious as we are about the need to protect swimmable, fishable and drinkable water, a necessary component of a day of paddling and, of course, great beers!"

To launch the collaboration, BOTE Boards took a road trip to the SweetWater Brewery in Atlanta, GA with photographer Sean Murphy to gather content in their efforts to promote the project. While in Atlanta, they trekked over to Morgan Falls and met up with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (CRK) for a chilly paddle on the river.

“As the Waterkeeper® group in SweetWater Brewing Company’s backyard, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is thrilled to be a part of this partnership,” says Jason Ulseth, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. “We’ve loved watching this relationship with SweetWater grow over the years and are excited to welcome BOTE Boards to the family. Our day on the water with both teams was an excellent opportunity to showcase our local water resource and connect with both companies on what it means to be a voice for the river.”

bote sweetwater collabBOTE Boards and SweetWater Brewing Company are two of the best partners any group could ask for." - Mark Yaggi

SweetWater raised more than $100,000 in 2014 through local and national efforts with their “Save Our Water” campaign, and hopes to help boost funds raised in 2015. With 10% of every board sold, BOTE expects to contribute close to $20,000, adding to SweetWater’s annual campaign goal of more than $150,000 in 2015.

“The quality that the BOTE team puts into the design of their boards, and also into the way they present their brand is undeniable,” said Wright. “At SweetWater we hang our hats on the quality of our brand. We believe that our brews need to be enjoyed in the freshest, tastiest way possible. Likewise, the way our brand is perceived in market or used on a piece of merchandise must match the same commitment to quality, and BOTE boards clearly share this value.”

BOTE Boards Co-Founder Corey Cooper adds, “Both of our industries, SUP and the beer community depend on clean water. Throughout the country, several of our retailers’ sales have been adversely affected by the health of their local water systems. Obviously standup paddling isn’t the only reason we need to protect our water systems, but it gives us a great platform to raise awareness and money for the cause. I couldn’t be happier for the direction of the partnership and look forward to helping the cause as much as possible.”

The exclusive BOTE, SweetWater and Waterkeeper® boards can be purchased online at www.boteboard.com, or at a local BOTE Boards dealership.

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