Baby Great White Shark Rescued in Venice Beach

You see a shark thrashing about in the shallow surf and have two options - Option A: you run in the other direction. Option B: you investigate and attempt to rescue the injured shark. Choose wisely, only one will prove your strength.




VENICE BEACH, California – In what can only be seen to believe, local surfers in Venice Beach save a baby great white shark from certain death after it had become caught in fishing line from the Venice Beach Pier.

The video shows a crowd of people gathered at the shore to witness a thrashing baby white turning over in the shallow water and sand. Acting quickly and on instinct, surfers surround the shark (you’ll never see that typed again) and attempted to remove the hook from its gaping mouth.

Readers will recall that less than a month ago, multiple great white shark sightings were reported in San Diego County, with confirmed sightings in La Jolla and Mission Beach. The sightings set off a bit of a panic but quickly subsided when surf trumped shark.

In an act that may seen crazy to some, locals did not hesitate to rescue the baby great white. Risking fingers and possibly even a hand, the hook was removed and the shark was escorted back into the surf. Let’s just hope this little guy has a Twitter account and lets all his shark buddies know what happened.

Pay it forward shark. Pay it forward.

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Morgan Becker

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