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New Slater Trout Boardworks Infinity Cutthroat Board!

The long anticipated Slater Trout Infinity Cutthroat 12’6 race board, named by Slater himself, is heading to the factory for production and will be available this Spring through your local Boardworks distributor.

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Surftech Announces Laird SUP Line for 2013

Surftech recently congratulated living legend Laird Hamilton on the announcement that he will be releasing a line of hand finished "Laird StandUP" boards for spring 2013.

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JAX Trailer Makes Debut on the SUP World

Are you a paddler who is tired of of transporting your SUP board on your head?  It is difficult to use the awkward handle every time you walk out to the water? If yes, the Jax Trailer can help and is ready to make a big difference.

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Boardworks Announces New Line of Wake SUP Boards

Boardworks Surf, one of the world’s leading Stand Up Paddle Board manufacturers, announced today its new line of Wake SUP boards.  They are the only company to come out with production SUPs designed specifically for Wake SUP Surfing!

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Patent Pending Re'Leash Releasable SUP Leash

As River SUP grows and becomes more popular, it also becomes ever more important to keep people safe and use appropriate equipment.··That is why there is a patent pending, co-branded solution by Badfish SUP and their partners at Boardworks Surf for a new releasable, river specific SUP leash.

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Travis Grant & Danny Ching Fly on FCS

Travis Grant and Danny Ching are on a roll! ·These two super elite athletes are killing it in the SUP race scene. ·Recently, Travis took first place and Danny was second at the 2012 Quiksilver Waikiki Paddle Festival.  What is interesting is that they both shared something in common during the race!

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Raven Stand Up Paddleboard by Boardworks Surf

The new Boardworks Raven is designed for all purpose cruising, recreational racing, fishing, or just plain getting out on the water. This model is designed for speed and stability in flatter water making it the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and that deep docile river.

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FCS Stand Up Paddle Raceboard Bag

FCS SUP shows us the ultimate in mobility & protection for stand up paddle raceboard transportation.  The race bag has been extremely well thought out and is made with high density foam technology for the ultimate care of your board.

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