10 Reasons to SUP in 2013


Photo was taken of two New Zealand women on the trip of a lifetime exploring the spectacular waterways of the Canadian Rockies on SUP! Photo submitted by Neil Gilson


SAN DIEGO, California - Do you need a reason to SUP?  Hopefully you'll want to stand up paddle regardless of what is written below, but if you do need a push or you're simply curious to know what they are then enjoy the 10 points below.  (Reasons are not listed in any specific order.)


10. To get into shape

Stand up Paddle, when done consistently, is a great way to lose weight, tone up and get into shape.


9. To learn a new sport

There are many sports out there, but how many of them can you being at just about any age?  This low impact balance oriented sport can be a terrific challenge for just about anyone and the good news is that if you make a mistake the consequence is typically only as bad as getting a little wet.


8. To have a reason to travel

Many people love to travel but SUP ads an extra element of specifically seeking excellent places to paddle and being able to explore them from a whole new perspective.


7. To enjoy nature

The benefits of breathing the open air and looking at the beauty around can in and of itself save lives.


6.  To buy a toy that also promotes health

For those who just love toys and must have the latest and greatest thing... this is a toy that will also bring better health along with it (assuming it is used).


5.  To learn to surf

There are people out there who have always wanted to learn how to surf.  SUP offers a chance to learn and even do so in very small non threatening waves that will bring a huge smile to just about any one's face.


4.  To get a healthy tan

If proper skin care is followed, who doesn't enjoy a little bit of a glow and taking in some vitamin D. 


3.  To have a new adventure

There is a new adventure just about every time someone steps on a stand up paddleboard.  It's amazing what happens on boards in the ocean, flat water, river and whitewater.  Try it and you'll know what we mean.


2.  To win prize money

Who knew that several athletes would be making some great money in SUP?  This young sport is offering an opportunity for elite athletes to make a living which opens up a bright future for generations to come. 


1.  To meet & make new friends

The stand up paddle community is a generous and sharing community full of people who share the stoke and create an atmosphere of ohana.  Without great people the sport would be nothing, so here's to all of you!  Together let's keep SUP headed in the right direction.


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