BOTE Builds SUP Fishing Getaway in Belize

AMBERGRIS CAYE, Belize - If you’re looking for an off-grid getaway where you can relax and enjoy a bit of SUP fishing among other activities then you’re in for a real treat. Jeff Spiegel and Corey Cooper, CEO at BOTE Boards recently put into motion a getaway unlike any other.

Located at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, on the north end of Ambergris Caye in Belize, the BOTE House Belize was “designed to allow anyone to come experience this unique environment and atmosphere. As well, the incredible fishing opportunities and culinary magic of Chef Spiegel” notes Rob Mcabee. He adds that the construction of the BOTE House "was simple but not easy." All materials had to be imported by boat from San Pedro.

The BOTE House Belize will be available for anyone to utilize. And what’s more, BOTE is offering up the chance for you to win an all-inclusive adventure trip to the BOTE House Belize complete with airfare, 2 BOTE inflatables and more! Enter to win and learn more about the BOTE House Belize HERE.

For information on booking your time at the BOTE House Belize, please contact Jeff Spiegel HERE.

Last modified onFriday, 16 March 2018 14:33

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