How to Find Friends?


Instantly belong to the community by befriending other stand up paddlers.


How Do I Find Friends?

View All Members

  1. Login by clicking on "Join the Community or Login Now" on the left.
  2. Click on Community in the top menu and then view all members.
  3. View the different profiles and click add as friend on the ones you would like to befriend.

Search Members

  1. Also, you can do a search for paddlers by sex, age, or region by clicking Community.
  2. There scroll halfway down the page and look for Find Paddlers on the right.
  3. Search as you please and click add as friend on the ones you would like to befriend.

Search Names

  1. Yet another method is to search by name.
  2. Click on Community and where it says Search type the name you are looking for.
  3. A list of people with that name will show up and you click add as friend on the ones you want.


More Tips:

Finding stand up paddle friends is a pivotal and instant way you can begin belonging to the community. So, we highly encourage you to develop friendships and egange your friends through content, event invitations, etc. If you need more help, contact [email protected]


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