2012 Supconnect SUP Grom of the Year Re-Do

The 2012 Supconnect SUP Grom of the Year Contest is having a Re-Do!   Keep reading to find out why and where to vote!


VOTE NOW in the SUP Grom Re-Do 

SAN DIEGO, California - Last month Supconnect conducted the 2012 SUP Grom of the Year final round of voting only to discover that some people had found a way to place more than one vote in the contest.  This was never the intention of the awards and because as many as hundreds of votes were cast for some of the groms by only a few individuals, it will be necessary and only fair to all competitors to re-do the contest. 

On that note, the 2012 SUP Grom of the Year Re-Do Contest will be run from today through October 31st and end at midnight pst.  This will give everyone involved ample time to spread the word and gather support for acquiring votes on their behalf.  This time it will only be possible for voters to vote one time each, so choose wisely and be sure to cast your vote for the person you truly feel deserves to be the next Supconnect SUP grom of the year.

Traditionally the Sup Grom the the year contest is the most exciting awards contests of the entire year, so spread the word and let's all start having fun again! The entire group of finalists is back on an even playing field and we can't wait to see who the sup community legitimately chooses as the winner. Go! 




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