How To Stand Up Paddle Board With Lunden

Lunden from Runtastic Fitness put together this great introduction to stand up paddle boarding, for anyone wanting to learn the basics in a short, easy-to-watch video. Watch it here.

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Mastering The SUP Jump Start With Mike T

Today we've got a classic clip for you (one from the archives) on launching and landing your stand up paddle board into the water with Boardworks Team Manager, Mike Tavares. 

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Getting Serious About SUP Race Training

With the constant growth of SUP racing and the increasing number of SUP events, fitness and training is starting to play a more important role in the development of our sport. Today we've got a probing piece, written by Matt Wright from Riding Bumps and Breedfreak Photography, discussing where training is at right now and where it's headed, especially for athletes looking to stay at the top.

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5 Ways To Prepare For Summer

Summer might be the fairer season, but there's opportunities to get some serious paddling and surfing done if you plan things correctly - alongside plenty of relaxation. Today we're going to look at five ways to make the most of summer.

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SUP Tips: Nutrition & Recovery

Alex Mauer gives advice for stand up paddlers looking to improve their nutrition, maximize performance and minimize recovery time between workouts and races.

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7 Safety Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SAN DIEGO, California - We often talk about the fun aspects of the SUP lifestyle, but enjoying the ocean, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water doesn't come without its share of risks. Today we're going to cover 7 tips that will go a long way towards making your time paddling safer for you and others.

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