Check out this awesome clip of Ausie surfing legend, Luke Egan, along with Trevor Hendy, Jake Jensen, Paul Jackson and Steve Walker sharing a few waves on a plus-sized inflatable. Look out for LOTS more of these in Summer 2014 and beyond.

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Kai Lenny SUP's Teahupoo

Check out this incredible video of Kai Lenny getting to know Teahupoo a little more intimately.

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Kody Kerbox On Fire

Kody Kerbox's latest clip is a scarily good combination of power and style, innovation. Watch and enjoy... 

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Fiery Action Featured In KUZI PROJECT Episode 1

PEMBA, Mozambique - Last week we aired the KUZI Project Teazer clip, which introduced viewers to the incredible journey that Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took up the East Coast of Africa this year. EPIC TV have just released episode 1 of their 6 part-part mini-documentary series that follows this crazy duo 500 miles, from Mozambique to Zanzibar. It's titled: "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES". Watch and enjoy...

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Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela SUP Surf

One of the most iconic couples of the stand up paddle world, Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela, went out early in the morning at Oceanside, CA to showcase their sup surf prowess.

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