Kai Lenny's Heart-Shaped Pit At Jaws

MAUI, Hawaii - By now a fair portion of you will have seen, or at least heard about, Kai Lenny's giant barrel at Jaws, during a session that would see him entered into the Billabong XXL Awards, alongside Zane Sweitzer. It's a feat that leaves us confused and terrified and anguished, wondering how and why anyone would want a piece of this behemoth wave - besides the thrill of getting shacked on a wave that size. But is the juice worth the squeeze?

It seems completely insane, until you listen to his interview. This kid radiates confidence - and for good reason. You can tell he trusts his talent, his training and his equipment, and that more than anything he loves the ocean as much as Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Shane Dorian, Mark Healy and all the other watermen out there who've paved the way for people like him to follow. If this is what he's doing at 21, can you imagine what he'll be doing at say, 25?  

kai-heart-barrel"I think Jaws really likes me…" Kai's final statement.


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