Paddle Boarding La Réunion, Indian Ocean

Réunion has so many of those hidden & wild spots...waterfalls are countless here...It feels like a decor from the Avatar movie...Huge lakes at the very bottom of a stone throat with very stiff cliffs and water falls roaring 100 meter high! The adventure lasted 3 weeks.

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5 Great SUP Vacations

Do you find yourself staring longingly at glossy photos of ordinary people paddling in extraordinary locations?  Are you yearning to embark on your own SUP travel adventure but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a list of five exceptional and unique SUP getaway destinations and accommodations.

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Paddle Boarding Shipwrecks, Indonesia

Karina Figl flees the cold winter waters of Cape Town for the tropical warmth of Indonesian breaks. Read about her stand up paddleboard surf sessions in Indo.

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Paddle Boarding Venezuela

From churning 6-foot waves to serenely beautiful bays with crystal clear waters, Venezuela has much to offer to all stand up paddle skill levels. Read on to discover highlights of a country on the SUP frontier.

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Paddle Boarding Bali, Indonesia

An Island sitting in the Indian Ocean eight degrees south of the Equator, resting on the western fringes of the ring of fire, with perfect waves and conveniently placed reef channels, this is where I call home, Bali, also known as the ‘Island of the gods’ and more recently as ‘Stand Up Heaven.’

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Paddle Boarding Israel, Part 2

Israel, the holy land. A region deemed sacred by three of the world’s largest monotheistic faiths, brimming with diversity and history, becomes sup grounds.

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