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5. How To Get Out Of A Wave On Your Paddle Board

how to get out of wave 3

Heat Score - 62

As much as getting into a wave is important to SUP surfing, getting out of a wave can be just as critical. Knowing the ways to get out of a wave can help you avoid running into objects, get you back out to the lineup quicker, and instill more confidence in your agility among the waves. Learn more HERE.





4. 7 Physical & Mental Benefits of Whitewater SUPing

whitewater sup health benefit

Heat Score - 71

Take your paddle board out to some white-water rapids or big waves and you have a really exciting challenge on your hands. In these circumstances, you’ll get to experience the true excitement and beneficial qualities of whitewater paddle boarding. Read more HERE.

3. What's for SUPper? Keto Supports Healthy Bodies on the Water

keto diet for sup

Heat Score - 75

There’s no doubt stand up paddleboarders are athletes, and with SUP growing in popularity and competitiveness, it's no wonder that many paddlers are also turning to a ketogenic (keto) diet to improve their fitness and endurance. Learn more HERE.

2. How To Take Fishing From The Dock To Your SUP

fishing from doc to sup 3

Heat Score - 83

Making the transition from fishing from the dock to fishing to your SUP can be as simple or as complex as you would like to make it. I find myself falling into both categories, generally depending on the amount of time I have to get out on the water or the fish that I aim to target. With dock fishing, you already have a handful of the items needed to get you fishing off of your SUP and with the information below, you can easily make that transition. Read more HERE.

1. SUP in the City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, PA

paddle boarding philadelphia

Heat Score - 92

Philadelphia is the birthplace of our nation and holds a beautiful amount of history, even when exploring on the water. They are also known as the home of Rocky, having a tough East coast exterior, and the best cheesesteaks the country has to offer. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 4 6 21

Photo via: Marco Bini

Description: Relax moment

Location: Treviso

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