Supconnect Weekly Recap, 11/26/2013

SAN DIEGO, California - Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications. If you’ve got anything pressing, impressive, relevant, weird or worth reading to add to the list, don’t be shy to share the scoop via Facebook.




~   HEAT SCORE {42}   ~ SAN DIEGO, California - Going for a paddle feeds the soul, but taking your best buddie with you makes it even better. Every month we get amazing photos of people in their dogs submitted to the Photo of the Month Competition and we're always so stoked to see them. So stoked in fact, we decided to compile a list of our10 favorite SUP Dog photos, listed above and below. Enjoy!




~·HEAT SCORE {55}· With the holidays fast approaching, we’re spreading the Turkey Day love by listing the best deals out there over the holidays from our favorite brands, both in stores and online. At the same time, we want to wish all our readers and Supconnectors in North America a great holiday with their families and some well-deserved rest. 

Click here to see the Thanksgiving SUP Deals


3. THE kuzi project launches on epic tv


~·HEAT SCORE {58}·~ In July this year, Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took on a monumental, self-supported journey, up the East coast of Africa on SUP's and kiteboards. Fueled by the Kuzi trade wind that funnels northwards, the pair cruised the 500 mile stretch from Pemba, Mozambique, to Zanzibar, Tanzania, fishing, camping and surviving along the way. Aside from having a crazy adventure, these two old friends documented the journey. A 6 part series will be aired on EpicTV. Above you'll be able to see the trailer:

For more information, check out their website.




~·HEAT SCORE {80}·~ SUP is an incredible way to enjoy the oceans and waves of the world. But what if you find yourself land locked in a concrete jungle?  Thankfully, Stand Up Paddling has wound it’s way into the fabric of cities big and small around the globe. Here are seven incredible urban SUP destinations that will satisfy even the most demanding paddler.

Click here to read the article by Supconnect guest writer, Matt Thomson.




HEAT SCORE {90}·~ SAN DIEGO, California - After two months of voting, we are very pleased to announce the Supconnect Man of the Year and final results up for 2013. As per the previous years, the Supconnect Awards are based on an open voting system that puts you, the reader, in charge of who wins. The criteria is still based on four qualities that we ask YOU (the reader) to vote on, which makes the awards are open to paddlers from around the world, be they pro’s, amateurs or ambassadors:

1. Ambassadorship: ·Conveying the cheerfulness and inclusiveness characteristic of the sport.
2. Involvement: ·Attending events and gatherings, having a finger on the pulse of the sport.
3. Performance: ·Showing proficiency in the sport, though top results are not a requirement.
4. Support: ·Having a following and votes to show you have some support to validate your credibility.

Click here to see the full results.


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