Starboard Releases Game-Changing Updates to SUP Race Boards

Fiona Wylde on the new and improved Sprint SUP at the 2023 ICF World Championships. | Photo courtesy: Starboard / Georgia Schofield Fiona Wylde on the new and improved Sprint SUP at the 2023 ICF World Championships. | Photo courtesy: Starboard / Georgia Schofield

SAN DIEGO, California - Starboard is excited to release the new Starboard Race range: the most winning All Star and the Sprint being the fastest flat-water racing board. The ultimate in all water conditions, the All Star and high-performance Sprint, have been fine-tuned to conquer the 2024 and 2025 racing seasons. This means that the boards Starboard has launched on March 1st will continue to shine through 2025 as well.

For both models, we focused on refining the much proven and loved concepts, rather than creating a completely new concept. As we already had so many years of experience and innovation, we want to expand on tweaking the extra level needed to stay at the front of the pack. More forgiving round tails and reduced volume are just some updates that have left the Starboard Dream Team feeling impressed and excited after the World Championship races in Thailand, where Starboard riders secured 29 medals on the podium and Starboard racing boards maintained their dominance in the industry.

"Before getting started with R&D, we asked all of the team riders a lot of questions to really understand what they wanted to achieve. This can sometimes be complex as we have the biggest team in the industry, with a mixture of genders, sizes, conditions and riding styles. So the feedback was very good for us to "see the full picture" before we hone in on the design changes," noted Ollie O'Reilly, Starboard SUP Brand Manager.

All Star

One board, all conditions.

For the All Star, the full-size range was updated. These are some of key features updated:

  • ROUNDED TAIL OUTLINE - which creates better hydrodynamic flow at the tail, for less wash and a faster gliding board. It made it easier to do fast buoy turns and was more forgiving to change direction when going downwind.
  • VEE BEHIND THE FIN BOX - for easier turning in the surf and aiding a better release.
  • NEW OPEN-STYLE COCKPIT DESIGN - allowed us to reduce weight and give more room in the standing area, and by removing volume in front it is more comfortable to rest your chest for beach starts.
  • REDUCTION IN VEE IN THE BOTTOM SHAPE - to increase the overall stability and useability of the board, giving more control in chop and more power in flat.

“The board is pretty incredible. Refined tail has really changed the game for me. The tail is allowing nice buoy turns, catching bumps quite well. It’s one of the best All Star ever created” – Connor Baxter


The fastest got even faster.

For the Sprint, it shares several learnings from the All Star. For the 2024/2025 line, only the the 21.5” and the 23.5” models were updated. These are some of key features updated:

  • ROUNDED TAIL OUTLINE - We carried over the same new rounded tail outline, which helped reduce wash, make it easier to turn and generally created less drag.
  • VEE BEHIND THE FIN BOX - for a smoother release, making it much harder for others to draft.
  • NEW OUTLINE - which is the big change for the Sprint. We widened the overall outline and moved the widest point further forward and extended the standing forwards. This means you have a wider stance at the mid point of the board, giving more stability and control. The width runs slightly in front of the standing, allowing a more predictable glide.

‘As soon as you put your paddle in the water, you are automatically accelerating forward’ – Fiona Wylde

For more information on the new updates, check out the boards on Starboard's website.

About Starboard

Starboard is a pioneering brand in paddleboard technology, renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. With a portfolio spanning various disciplines of paddleboarding, Starboard remains at the forefront of industry advancements, shaping the future of water sports for enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. For more information, please visit www.star-board.com.

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