Stage SUP Offers Alternative Paddle Option to SUP With A Double Bladed Paddle

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SAN DIEGO, California - Standup paddle boarding is a leisurely sport that offers a good time to paddlers of all ages, skill sets and size. It's one of the main attractive features of the sport: anyone can do it. There are tons of ways to have fun on the water, whether you're catching waves out in the lineup, participating in a race or just out for a leisurely paddle, the options are endless. It also helps too that as the industry grows new products are being introduced to spice things up and keep it fun.

One new product that we're particularly interested in is the SwitchBlade Double Bladed SUP Paddle from the folks over at Stage SUP. The Stage SwitchBlade SUP paddle is used similar to a kayak paddle while stand up paddleboarding. This method is said to create a steady rhythm, which provides better balance and increased maneuverability. These 2-sided SUP paddles are great for beginners learning to balance and for experts running rivers or paddling into currents and small waves. Do note though that this is not a long kayak paddle but rather these are SUP blades on an adjustable 2-sided SUP paddle.

While the paddle is relatively new to the market the idea dates back decades as old pictures of Hawaiian paddlers are shown using the same type of paddle. That point right there shows there's something to the paddle and that it can be a really fun time.

A couple cool features of the paddle are that it can really help with your balance on the water. If you have a wobble while paddling or have a hard time balancing, the double-sided feature helps allow you to regain your balance rather than falling off your board into the water. And to expand on that, there's no need for you to do a paddle transfer since there is a blade on both ends. You're already good to go, with whatever side you want to paddle on, which could also help you paddle at a faster rate since you don't have any lost time during the paddle transfer. Another feature is that it has an adjustable length that easily adjusts to differing paddler's heights with two quick cam-lock adjusters. The cam-lock also allows the blades to be feathered to ease your double bladed SUP paddling into the wind.

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Photos courtesy: StageSUP

Feedback on the paddle has been a mixed bag with some people loving it and some who still prefer the traditional one-sided paddle but that's the fun of it. The SwitchBlade paddle can offer an alternative method of a paddle for paddle boarding that can give users a different experience if they prefer. Who knows, maybe down the line if the paddle gains enough traction there could be a new category for racing: single or double paddle. That certainly could make things interesting...but to be clear, the SwitchBlade paddle isn't trying to replace the single paddle, it's only meant as an alternative and for something different to try.

Stage is always looking for industry experts to test their new paddle, if you are interested please contact them at [email protected]. To learn more about the SwitchBlade paddle, click HERE.

What are your thoughts on the SwitchBlade paddle? Would you be interested in testing it out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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