Fall 2018 Paddle Boarding Gear Guide

SAN DIEGO, California - Seasons are a-changin' and the cooler weather and fall colors will be making their way to your oceans and waterways in no time. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, accessories, boards and all the must have's for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2018 Fall SUP season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

Take a look at the 2018 Fall SUP Gear Guide below:



fusion stereo 2016 fall gear guide

The STEREOACTIVE is the world’s first portable floating watersports stereo, designed for the challenge of life on the water. The combination of world-class industrial design, high quality music reproduction, intelligent functionality and an extensive feature set has resulted in a rugged portable stereo that is prepared for anything. Sources include Bluetooth, radio tuner, USB and iPhone & Android audio playback and charging. Let STEREOACTIVE provide the soundtrack to your next SUP Adventure.

fall18 gear guide escalight

Ever wonder what it’d be like to SUP at night? Now you can with ESCA Fins. The ESCA Fin is the worlds first light up surf fin, the brightest, most convenient SUP light on the market. They fit in a backpack and are a clever, cost effective solution for your next full moon paddle. This is no ordinary fin; ESCA creates a bright, otherworldly glow around your board. They offer durability and versatility in an affordable way. Forget bulky, complicated kits. ESCA Fins easily fit in your backpack. Powered by Litra Cubes, they illuminate your smile and your night.


 Boards - Inflatables


fall18 gear guide boardworks1
Boardworks Shubu Solr

The “SHUBU Solr” is an inflatable recreational board that is perfect for cruising, yoga or even fishing on calmer waters like lakes, rivers and harbors. The “SHUBU SOLR” package is a stable, versatile and travel friendly recreational board that is perfect for beginners or intermediate paddlers who want to get on the water and start paddling today.

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fall18 gear guide pau hana
Pau Hana Big EZ Air

This high PSI inflatable stays rigid and rides well in whitewater, inland lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The Big EZ Air is an excellent choice for the world traveler as comes in an extremely lightweight and portable gear bag with wheels and lots of room for accessories, it also includes a pump, fin and three-piece paddle. it can be checked in as luggage on the plane and fits easily into the trunk of a car.

fall18 gear guide bote
Rover AeroBOTE 

It's a skiff. It's a dinghy. It's a tender. It's a paddleboard. It's a BOTE ... in a bag. Meet the Rover AeroBOTE, the most portable paddleskiff on the market. Inflating the Rover Aero for a day out on the water and then packing it up makes for easy storage, can tag along on any adventure, and stands up to the toughest conditions, hell ... even baggage claim. So as you're paddling, fishing, or motoring your way across the globe, Rover AERO's got your back. It's your board and boat, in one ... in a bag.

fall18 gear guide slingshot
Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech

The Slingshot 11’ Crossbreed AirTech is a solid all-around board. Built with lightweight, super durable DropStitch construction. The pointed bow is efficient for maintaining speed on open water and the mild rocker handles chop, moderate white water or small ocean waves. The rail outline favors tracking and turning control and a rounded square tail balances rear-end stability with agility. Package comes with a convenient backpack and pump as well as an adjustable carbon composite paddle.

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fall18 gear guide aqua marina
Aqua Marina All Around Fusion

The 2019 all around line comes with the newly designed board shapes and the amazing graphics, Fusion available in 10'4" lengths. The new AM all around boards just have everything you need to go stand up paddling: 3-piece paddle, double action pump and leash, all packed in the new magic backpack. These nicely shaped new all-around boards are perfect for flat water and small waves with the outstanding stiffness and durability.

fall18 gear guide waterkids
Waterkids Mantaray Giant SUP

PARTY BOARD! Did you just say 'What is that?'...well to answer simply, thats right, this is an inflatable party on water! Great for lounging on the lake, running rivers or even catching waves in the ocean. Bring the dog, cooler or even grandma! Made with very durable construction, the same as a whitewater raft. 14ft x 5 ft x 8in - Inflates in minutes - Deflates instantly - easy to transport.



 Boards - Hard Tops


fall18 gear guide surftech1
Surftech Generator

The Generator Tufite V-Tech is the ultimate shape for versatility, maneuvering, plus its great in small to medium surf. The Generator has good stability and glide in fat- water, which makes it the perfect board for the female paddler wanting performance and beauty.

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fall18 gear guide surftech2
Surftech Transit Softtop

At home on the dock, at the lake, on the beach, or in the harbor, the Transit Softop is the ideal all-around Softop board for use in flat-water and mellow surf conditions. The high volume surf-inspired shape is built with our proprietary water-resistant fused-cell foam that is stiffer and more durable than other soft boards on the market, providing additional stability and control.

fall18 gear guide surftech3
NSP Cocomat Allrounder

The ultimate allround SUP – a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board a trendsetter in the market. The Allrounder has a proven outline with semi pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability and easy paddling. The pulled in round tail works for speed, maneuverability and control. A single to double concave bottom and a light vee through the tail, generates speed quickly and maintains smooth flow from turn to turn. Fin box options to optimize the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin set up.

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fall18 gear guide sic1

2018’s Supconnect award-winning race board, the RS, short for “Rocket Ship,” is proving to be one of fastest all-water race boards in the world. This board has been a top finisher against the world’s elite paddlers in races such as the Olukai, Association of Paddlesurf Professionals Tour - Ho’okipa Beach on Maui, the Carolina Cup and on The Euro Tour. These boards have been tested more than any other race board in SIC’s history. The RS has proven to be race ready and will surely take you to the top of your game and the front of the pack.

fall18 gear guide sic3
SIC Maui Agent

The Agent Series is the ideal board for paddlers looking a super fun board that can do it all. From small to medium sized waves, this versatile surf cruiser is perfect in a wide variety of conditions. Stable and fun for the whole family, you will not be limited as this board also excels on lakes, rivers, wakesurfing and more. With a range offering seven lengths in a variety of widths; you will have sufficient volume and width variation to accommodate nearly any size paddler, large and small.

fall18 gear guide sic2
SIC Maui Triton

The Triton Series is a performance surf series for paddlers looking to progress from recreational paddler to rock star. Able to surf at the highest level of performance, the Triton’s generous widths and volume mean that these boards are also stable and buoyant, making it easy to get through the break and into the surf zone.

fall18 gear guide boardworks2
Rogue All In

The the most versatile all-around race board in our performance line makes this a popular choice among recreational and elite racers alike. Designed for all conditions the All In creates lift, acceleration and rough water planing. If you can keep only one board in your quiver, you’ll want the All In.

fall18 gear guide naish
Naish Mad Dog

Designed for riders seeking next-level performance in an accessible package, the Mad Dog series delivers an ideal balance between stability and responsiveness. Featuring a refined rockerline and rail flow, the 2019 Mad Dogs are now faster, more responsive and find themselves perfectly at home in the pocket of steep, powerful surf.

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fall18 gear guide starboard
Starboard Double Chamber Touring

The Starboard Astro Touring Deluxe is a tool for adventure! The Astro is the perfect shape for touring and exploring. You can pack it up and go. With tie downs and Scotty mounts the Astro Touring is the perfect mode of transportation for explorers. Dual chamber technology makes this longer iSUP very stiff end to end. 31" width means all paddlers will enjoy the 12'6" Touring Deluxe.

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Make sure to head to your local retailer to find all these items and more during this Fall season!

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