Shore Thing Launches Standup Paddleboard Apparel

A Shore Thing, the beach lifestyle branch of Incite Brands, now offers a full array of stand up paddle board shirts, tailored to specific demands of the sport and its lifestyle. See all SUP Shirt Models in Collection.


Two of the five Designs of the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Collection by A Shore Thing of Incite Brands.



Co-pilot Standup Paddleboard Tee Design


Mermaid Standup Paddleboard Tee Design


Simple Life Standup Paddleboard Tee Design


Pipeline Standup Paddleboard Tee Design


Paddleboarder Standup Paddleboard Tee Design

DANIA BEACH, Florida – Offering several different graphics and features specifically tailored to stand up paddle (sup) boarding, enthusiasts now can wear their passion on their sleeves, literally. The t-shirt collection by A Shore Thing showcases themes like touring and surfing, among others, touching on many different aspects of the standup paddle board lifestyle. And its performance features add all the more to the line’s appeal.  The t-shirts are made of a highly technical material and designed for a paddle-specific fit. (Pick Your Shirt.)

The performance secret of the shirts is in their loose fit and 100% microfiber mesh. The loose fit gives the athlete ample freedom of movement, reduces the chances of rash, and helps the skin breathe. Now add the features of the microfiber mesh. It wicks moisture, offers UPF 40 sun protection, and is very lightweight, weighing only four ounces even in long-sleeve.

And with its options of color, design, and short/long-sleeve, the Standup Paddle board line by A Shore Thing has something for every taste. Its five different designs are Paddleboarder, Pipeline, Co-pilot, Simple Life, and Sunset Solitude. Paddleboarder showcases a paddler setting up for the power phase of the stroke, displaying a beautiful form while styling a cap for the sunshine. Pipeline has the stand up paddle surfer angling for the barrel ride. Co-pilot captures the simplicity and yet richness of a man and his dog on a paddleboard. Simple Life matches the classical curves of a single-fin standup paddleboard with the iconic lines of a Volkswagen bug. And lastly, Sunset & Solitude has a mermaid’s silhouette juxtaposed with the lights of the sunset. All these designs come in different colors and with the option of short and long sleeves. Head over to A Shore Thing and wear the passion of standup paddleboarding proudly on your sleeve and in your design of choice. (Choose Your Paddleboard Shirt.)


What other apparel items would you like to see in the collection?


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